Wheatgrass growing instructions

Good morning my Friends. Today I am going to publish my Wheatgrass growing instructions.  When the Creator of the Universe and all that is therein he made grass. he specifically mentions grass of the field in the Creation week. From my understanding God, His Hebrew name being,  YHWH,  has set up this universe with laws and our bodies have to bodies have to be in line with these laws. The cells of our bodies have the same structure and must obey the laws of God just like we have to obey the Moral laws of God, i.e. the Ten commandments. When we break these laws we are not getting punished, per say, as much as we are simply receiving the result of the behavior.  That said,  here is the writing I did a few years ago, it is not finished yet, but Dear Reader, it is a start.

I have just now begun growing Wheatgrass again for myself starting last night and I thought this would be a perfect time to put out this information for you, my friends, who might be interested.

Healing and Health issues


The expression of this information is protected and the Scriptural Backing for growing your own homemade cures for your own issues fall right under the 1st Amendment Religious free exercise Clause of the U S Constitution and is protected by the 1st Amendment right to Free Speech. And these Statutes have been interpreted in the law under several important Religious Free Exercise Cases taken up and settled by the U S Supreme Court which protection goes clear back to the Magna Charta.


The objective of this complication is to gather information for my personal use and for individuals interested in alternative options for their problems. This is an information compilation and should be viewed as a starting point for your own research into your own health issues.

This author is quite convinced that the “solutions” afforded by the current medical establishment are truly not solutions, not even remedies. A remedy would solve the problem and not have any other side affects. Yet the “solutions” of the “Medical Industrial Complex” have horrendous side affects which in some cases are worse than the original problem for which the medicine was taken.

One of the many problems in our society today is that most people have forgotten what our forefathers knew and took for granted.

Like the Saxon Common law that was not committed to writing for long periods of time until it was finally codified, notwithstanding that the Holy Scripture is the foundation of the Common Law and was committed to paper beginning circa 3200 BC.

Natural methods of allowing the body to heal without using strange and foreign substances may sound strange and foreign. But these medicines known as Pharmaceuticals , which comes from the word -Pharacia- which incidiently comes from the Greek word φαρμακεία (pronounced: “pharmakeia: far-mak-i’-ah which means; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft”. So these pharmaceuticals cause strange and unusual side effects.

The alternative solutions are a lost knowledge base. A collection of this type of information even if it were only for my own benefit and the benefit of the few people I may come into contact with during my sojourning here on earth is a worth while endeavor. I have experimented with wheat grass juice for solving the issues related to the common symptom called “Acid Reflux Disease” and have had extremely good success with this natural remedy and I have used the extracts of cayenne and DMSO and other herbal extracts to solve other issues as well.

Some of the other issues I have personally dealt with include poor glucose control. I had at one time the symptoms, undiagnosed by any doctor I might add, of tingling fingers and feet which could have been the signs of diabetic neuropathy (sic). And other symptoms of poor glucose control of falling asleep soon after meals which incidentally I still deal with but the symptoms are far more under control than they used to be., for which I used Chia seed 3 times a day for a moderate period of time which habit seems to have retrained my system to control glucose and keep it in better balance than in the past.

Simple, natural solutions. Solutions from the earth which require almost no preparation, nor cost, can have great benefit to the human body in terms of healing and health. And most of these are almost as good as free if you are wise enough to begin searching and researching and proving them for your self.

My current experience with DMSO 5/9/2013 6:06:53 PM

I have now been using DMSO for some time now and I have some notes on my experiences.

I began consuming DMSO from Jacob’s labs in distilled water. I would take a cap full in a cup of water and chug it . I did it twice in one day on the 26the of the 4 th month and that night the odor was so powerful that it woke me up and it was too much to deal with so I won’t do two doses in one day like that again. ( cap fulls of the 8 ounce bottle of the jacob’s labs bottle.).

1. body odor can be overwhelming and the smell of garlic and onions ( from the sulfer) can get really bad when it is sweat out orf the pores.

2. once in a while it is necessary to stop using completely for at least ten (10) days to clear it out of your system. I noticed that the bile in my stool was becoming light brown which may be a sign that the liver is not producing enough and is being affected by the DMSO.

3. Keep an eye on your stool to make notes of any changes.

4. I heard from another user that it had affected her liver, so then I began noticing if there were any changes in my liver function by watching the bile in my stool.

God is your healer.

Obedience to God’s law both the natural law and the common law as set forth in the Holy Scripture set up the human being for a healthy and happy and long life.

If this is going to be copied or shared it must be done as a complete document with all Scripture references with reference to me, the compiler, and to any individual who has added to this compilation, and to the Creator, Almighty God:

Ά ώ

Alpha and Omega

The heavens declare the Glory of God Almighty, Creator; and the earth shows forth his handiwork (Psalm 19).

God brings healing to the individual by obedience to HIS law.

References: Exodus 15:26; and Exodus 23:25; 1st Chronicles 7:14; Proverbs 3: 1-8; and Proverbs 4:20-22

Exo 15:26 And He said, If you carefully listen to the voice of Jehovah your God, and do what is right in His eyes, and you give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes, I will not put on you all the diseases which I have put on Egypt; for I am Jehovah your Healer.

(2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV+) If my people,H5971 whichH834 are calledH7121 H5921 by my name,H8034 shall humble themselves,H3665 and pray,H6419 and seekH1245 my face,H6440 and turnH7725 from their wickedH7451 ways;H4480 H1870 then will IH589 hearH8085 fromH4480 heaven,H8064 and will forgiveH5545 their sin,H2403 and will healH7495 (H853) their land.H776

The Sabbath Cycle

Not only is the Weekly Sabbath confined to the 7 day Creation week, but it is connected to the 7 year Debt release Sabbath also pre-scribed in Scripture. God has built in to every human being a seven (7) year cycle, a Sabbath Cycle so to speak, in which every cell in your body is regenerated and new. So that if the cell has the proper nutrition the next generations of cells created will be perfectly formed and in perfect function. A smoker having quit for 7 years can expect to have begun the process of regenerating the damaged lung cells and with in a period of time may no longer even notice so much as a cough as a reminder of his former habit.

God Almighty has built in hope for all especially if the individual begins to follow the natural laws. There is an order. The laws related to the orbits of the planets are related to the orbits of the electrons flying around the nucleus of the atoms in your body. Just as the natural laws governing gravity, the laws set forth by the creator for human behavior and diet are just as inviolable. Drop the brick and it falls no matter what you say to it, the brick follows the law of Gravity right down to the ground.

Natural methods for allowing your own body to heal.

Ann Wigmore—on Wheatgrass’s healing benefits

Dr. Blaylock

Dr. Mercola (internet site)


Wheatgrass growing instructions

How to grow Wheatgrass

Take 2 cups of wheat berries and rinse them in water and then put them in a large jar with a lid and fill with water to cover the berries with water way over the top.

Soak them over night and then drain off the water and put the lid back on loosely.

Put water into the jar and whirl the berries around and strain off the water about 2 times per day for 3 days.

Prepare the growing tray by putting soil into it.

Sprinkle about ¼ cup of Azomite onto the soil and use your fingers to work the Azomite into the soil to evenly distribute.

Apply water to the soil to get it moist.

Then look at the berries and if they are about ¾ of an inch long sprouted then pour them out onto the soil in the growing pan.

Spread the sprouts onto the soil evenly and gently and then take two layers of paper towel and place over the sprouts and gently wet the entire paper towel and gently tap down so it is touching the berries.

Then take newspaper and cover the entire tray so light does not get into it.

Only lift up the news paper and pour water onto the paper towel and let is soak into the tray and do not lift up the paper towel when watering.

In a few days the sprouts will be about 2 inches tall and will be pushing up the paper towel and when they are about two inches long just remove the news papers and paper towels water the grass as needed, (usually about 2 times a day).

When the grass is about 6 to 7 inches tall it is ready to be juiced.

How to Juice Wheatgrass

Take a serrated knife and cut the grass as low as possible to the dirt.

Keep the cut grass all in the same direction as you put it onto a plate.

Gather up other fruits and vegetables to add to the juice and cut them up so they are ready to be juiced at the same time.

Have your Extra Virgin Olive Oil ready with a measuring spoon for 1 table spoon and have your Turmeric powder ready to add to the juice.

When you have enough grass cut begin feeding the grass into the juicer.

Alternate grass with a solid fruit or vegetable. (An apple, Carrot, or any other fruit or vegetable) This is done to keep the grass moving through the machine.

If for any reason the machine gets clogged up use the reverse button to unclog and then resume juicing.

Clean up all things and prepare for the next juicing period.

Do this for 6 months and see what happens.

Section on Receipies and other homemade items

These are actual things that I have tasted and hope to help make some time in the near future.

Ideas from R. (name withheld for privacy)

Mayonnaise : take eggs, extra virgin Olive oil, salt and vinegar.

Making mayonnaise: take four raw eggs and blenderize with a tea spoon of salt. Then after blenderizing begin pouring in oil high quality Extra virgin olive oil or light olive oil if the flavor is too strong. Then add an ounce of apple cider vinegar and continue blenderizing and adding oil until the consistency is that of creamy mayonnaise.

Butter. Take raw milk and scoop out the cream and then blenderize until almost done and then shake by hand to keep the blender from chopping up the butter then squeeze out all the extra liquid and wash in clean water and then put in refrigerator.



This is a broad leave plant and grows quite well in MO. The leaves are good for healing the body. While I was on the farm, Raquel would feed it to her horses that had wound issues. Flagg when he was bit by Dandy, and the Mare when she had a wound on her front below her neck. This was added to the diet mixed in with the grain for a special feeding.

Goldenseal root. Yellow. Has a similar flavor to ginsing . for use on wounds. Clean the wound with H2O2 and then pat dry. Then apply powered Goldenseal . For use on any wound and in the mouth too.

Garlic can be added also to speed healing.

Solving joint issues.

I have been using Extra Virgin olive oil infused with Turmeric as a solution for this issue.

Any food item that r educes inflammation in the body can be helpful in reducing general pain. The C Reactive Protein blood test can inform the individual of the amount of inflammation in the Cardiovascular system and can alert the individual of the need to begin consuming anti-inflammatory foods.

Depending on the level of inflammation in the body the plan of attack needs to be broad and use a wide range of foods

When I get the joint pains I use Extra virgin Olive oil and turmeric and B Complex. ( Note on B complex Look for weeds that are high in Bs like plainain ( broad leaf and narrow leaft and the seed pods of this plant.).

The B vitamins also help stabilize the feelings of well being.

And Omega 3 fatty acid can be used for improving the feeling of well being also.

Yvonne’s (name withheld for privacy) contributions:

Spider webs to help coagulate minor bleeding wounds

+My Grandma used to take a handful of spider webs and place them upon minor wounds and they would help to stop the blood flow.


One thought on “Wheatgrass growing instructions

  1. I ate some Fritos today and yesterday, I whole bag. Almost immediately I feel drained of energy and lethargic. I know I should not eat MSG containing garbage but I did and I am receiving the result of putting trash into my stomach. go figure. I’ve got a batch of Wheat grass about read to grow. later on 🙂

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