Two Dream: 1. “The Word is Corrupted”; 2 “The thorn in my foot”

Dream 1:

I got the “Word is Corrupted dream” In this dream I come upon a pile of debris upon which I find a book. I pick up the book and open it up and it is the Scripture, but inside the Scripture are missing words and it is full of black nasty looking hairy worms that are eating the words in the book and removing many of them.

(Edited 2/2014 — I just found this site on this Sabbath  it is quite interesting. and a link it here in case  it is gone will be here :

Dream 2:

So in another scene in dream I am sitting next to a lady on the back end of a van with the doors open going down the road. Our feet are dangling off the back of the van.   And after a while the lady says to me, and pointing down at my foot, “What’s that?”. I say, “What’s what?” That! and I look down at my foot and I see a tiny spot.  I said, “That?” and she yelled “YES!”.  So I looked at this tiny spot on the end of my big toe and I picked at it a bit and pretty soon I realized that there was a massive thorn in my foot.  So I pulled it out.  There was no pain, the thorn was not bothering me at all. But when I showed it to her, She said Throw that away.   I said, ” Why, it is not bothering me.”  And she yelled, “Because it’s pissing me off!”.

She said, “throw it out on the median”.

I said, “I don’t think so”.

–I got the interpretation of this dream later so. Anyone want to take a shot at interpretation of this before I say the meaning?


Editing today the 11th day of the 8th Month of the Gregorian Calender.


A few things to notice here in this dream.

One. the thorn is in my foot. and it is in the big toe. The main balancer of stability it the big toe. And the thorn is in my foot. the foot is that which I walk upon. I walk in a path. So I have a thorn in my foot but it is not bothering me.  And the thorn is the fact that I live the Word of YHWH to the best of my ability as a duty to GOD, A duty to EL YHWH.

So this path that I am choosing is a path that I like and I want. Now, The lady beside me is annoyed at this. Why would another person be annoyed at my path in life?  Why does my decision bother another?

Some people feel threatened. An insecure person may feel threatened by another’s decision.

I have discovered that most atheists don’t actually Not believe in God, as much as they hate that he exists.  Now, no atheist will admit this but even the “atheist” can clearly see the operation of the immutable laws of YHWH and they know it and they try to avoid the penalties of breaking His immutable laws, but they just can’t get around them.

And also, people who reject the Word of God,  they know that they can  not get around the supreme sovereignty of the Creator God.  They can avoid it for a little while, but they  go to sleep and when they are least suspecting The Supreme Sovereign lets them know who’s the boss.    Over and out.  Until next time. Shalom to all lovers of the WORD.

Edited Sabbath 11:48 AM


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