If a man does not work, he should not eat. Able bodied men should be working.

Titles of the Law of The Creator YHWH

Section 41

The Law on Labor


Credits: This document represents one (1) section of eighty four 84 chapters that are contained in the Scripture. This document is not complete and may never be complete because often times I read the same verse and I learn something new or get a new insight. The more I delve into this, the more I really love this Creator because I am seeing more and more the Wisdom and the Love for us contained in the Scripture.

Colossians 1:14-15 KJV+

(14) InG1722 whomG3739 we haveG2192 redemptionG629 throughG1223 hisG846 blood,G129even theG3588 forgivenessG859 of sins:G266

(15) WhoG3739 isG2076 the imageG1504 of theG3588 invisibleG517 God,G2316 the firstbornG4416 of everyG3956 creature:G2937

Colossians 1:16 KJV+

(16) ForG3754 byG1722 himG846 were all thingsG3956 created,G2936 thatG3588 are inG1722 heaven,G3772 andG2532 thatG3588 are inG1909 earth,G1093 visibleG3707 andG2532 invisible,G517 whetherG1535they be thrones,G2362 orG1535 dominions,G2963 orG1535 principalities,G746 orG1535 powers:G1849 all thingsG3956 were createdG2936 byG1223 him,G846 andG2532 forG1519 him:G846


There is no charge for this information. And I am not requesting.

Scripture prohibits teaching God’s Word for pay.

Prayer offerings may be made with property such as corn, wheat, honey, beans, oil, milk, cream, cheese, gold coin, silver coin.

Philippians 4:11-13 KJV+

(11) NotG3756 thatG3754 I speakG3004 in respect ofG2596 want:G5304 forG1063 IG1473 have learned,G3129 inG1722 whatsoever stateG3739 I am,G1510therewith to beG1511 content.G842

(12)(G1161) I knowG1492 both how to be abased,G5013 andG2532 I knowG1492 how to abound:G4052 (G1722) every whereG3956 andG2532 inG1722 all thingsG3956 I am instructedG3453 bothG2532 to be fullG5526 andG2532 to be hungry,G3983 bothG2532 to aboundG4052 andG2532 to suffer need.G5302

(13) I can doG2480 all thingsG3956 throughG1722 ChristG5547 which strengthenethG1743 me.G3165

Labor Law

Isaiah 57:15-19 KJV+ ForH3588 thusH3541 saithH559 the highH7311 and lofty OneH5375 that inhabitethH7931 eternity,H5703 whose nameH8034is Holy;H6918 I dwellH7931 in the highH4791 and holyH6918place, withH854 him also that is of a contriteH1793 and humbleH8217 spirit,H7307 to reviveH2421 the spiritH7307 of the humble,H8217 and to reviveH2421 the heartH3820 of the contrite ones.H1792(16) ForH3588 I will notH3808 contendH7378 for ever,H5769 neitherH3808 will I be always wroth:H7107 H5331 forH3588 the spiritH7307 should failH5848 beforeH4480 H6440 me, and the soulsH5397which IH589 have made.H6213(17) For the iniquityH5771 of his covetousnessH1215 was I wroth,H7107 and smoteH5221 him: I hidH5641 me, and was wroth,H7107 and he wentH1980 on frowardlyH7726 in the wayH1870 of his heart.H3820(18) I have seenH7200 his ways,H1870 and will healH7495 him: I will leadH5148 him also, and restoreH7999 comfortsH5150 unto him and to his mourners.H57(19) I createH1254 the fruitH5108 of the lips;H8193 Peace,H7965 peaceH7965 to him that is far off,H7350 and to him that is near,H7138 saithH559 the LORD;H3068 and I will healH7495 him.

Introduction to the Laws of the Creator

I use the King James Version annotated to have access to the Hebrew words used in each case because sometimes it helps to clarify the meaning of a sentence. It may be a little unusual to read with the numbering system at first but over time it will be a benefit to you, dear reader. To get understanding of God’s Word, we need to approach God in prayer, and praise, and thanksgiving for His Sovereignty and request that the Author, which is the Holy Ghost give us understanding, and knowledge and the wisdom necessary to read and understand and act upon the knowledge.

Beginning all study with praise to God!

Psalms 39:1-13 KJV+

To the chief Musician,H5329even to Jeduthun,H3038A PsalmH4210of David.H1732 I said,H559 I will take heedH8104 to my ways,H1870 that I sin notH4480 H2398 with my tongue:H3956 I will keepH8104 my mouthH6310 with a bridle,H4269 whileH5750 the wickedH7563 is beforeH5048 me. (2) I was dumbH481 with silence,H1747 I held my peace,H2814even from good;H4480 H2896 and my sorrowH3511 was stirred.H5916(3) My heartH3820 was hotH2552 withinH7130 me, while I was musingH1901 the fireH784 burned:H1197then spakeH1696 I with my tongue,H3956(4) LORD,H3068 make me to knowH3045 mine end,H7093 and the measureH4060 of my days,H3117 whatH4100 itH1931is; that I may knowH3045 howH4100 frailH2310 IH589am.(5) Behold,H2009 thou hast madeH5414 my daysH3117as an handbreadth;H2947 and mine ageH2465is as nothingH369 beforeH5048 thee: verilyH389 everyH3605 manH120 at his best stateH5324is altogetherH3605 vanity.H1892 Selah.H5542(6) SurelyH389 every manH376 walkethH1980 in a vain shew:H6754 surelyH389 they are disquietedH1993 in vain:H1892 he heapeth upH6651riches, and knowethH3045 notH3808 whoH4310 shall gatherH622 them. (7) And now,H6258 Lord,H136 whatH4100 waitH6960 I for? my hopeH8431is in thee. (8) DeliverH5337 me from allH4480 H3605 my transgressions:H6588 makeH7760 me notH408 the reproachH2781 of the foolish.H5036(9) I was dumb,H481 I openedH6605 notH3808 my mouth;H6310 becauseH3588 thouH859 didstH6213it.(10) RemoveH5493 thy strokeH5061 away fromH4480 H5921 me: IH589 am consumedH3615 by the blowH4480 H8409 of thine hand.H3027(11) When thou with rebukesH8433 dost correctH3256 manH376 forH5921 iniquity,H5771 thou makest his beautyH2530 to consume awayH4529 like a moth:H6211 surelyH389 everyH3605 manH120is vanity.H1892 Selah.H5542(12) HearH8085 my prayer,H8605 O LORD,H3068 and give earH238 unto my cry;H7775 hold not thy peaceH2790 H408 atH413 my tears:H1832 forH3588 IH595am a strangerH1616 withH5973 thee, and a sojourner,H8453 as allH3605 my fathersH1were.(13) O spareH8159 H4480 me, that I may recover strength,H1082 beforeH2962 I goH1980 hence, and be noH369 more.

God has promised to write this law into our hearts and in our minds and we need that no man teach us. We can go straight to Scripture.

Jeremiah 31:31-33 KJV+ Behold,H2009 the daysH3117 come,H935 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that I will makeH3772 a newH2319 covenantH1285 withH854 the houseH1004 of Israel,H3478 and withH854 the houseH1004 of Judah:H3063(32) NotH3808 according to the covenantH1285 thatH834 I madeH3772 withH854 their fathersH1 in the dayH3117that I tookH2388 them by the handH3027 to bringH3318 them out of the landH4480 H776 of Egypt;H4714 whichH834 (H853) my covenantH1285 theyH1992 brake,H6565 although IH595 was an husbandH1166 unto them, saithH5002 the LORD:H3068(33) ButH3588 thisH2063shall be the covenantH1285 thatH834 I will makeH3772 withH854 the houseH1004 of Israel;H3478 AfterH310 thoseH1992 days,H3117 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068I will putH5414 (H853) my lawH8451 in their inward parts,H7130 and writeH3789 it inH5921 their hearts;H3820 and will beH1961 their God,H430 and theyH1992 shall beH1961 my people.H5971

(Jeremiah 31:34 KJV+) And they shall teachH3925 noH3808 moreH5750 every manH376 (H853) his neighbour,H7453 and every manH376 (H853) his brother,H251 saying,H559 KnowH3045 (H853) the LORD:H3068 forH3588 they shall allH3605 knowH3045 me, from the leastH4480 H6996 of them untoH5704 the greatestH1419 of them, saithH5002 the LORD:H3068 forH3588 I will forgiveH5545 their iniquity,H5771 and I will rememberH2142 their sinH2403 noH3808 more.H5750

(1 John 2:27 KJV+) ButG2532 theG3588 anointingG5545 whichG3739 yeG5210 have receivedG2983 ofG575 himG846 abidethG3306 inG1722 you,G5213andG2532 ye needG2192 G5532 notG3756 thatG2443 any manG5100 teachG1321 you:G5209 butG235 asG5613 theG3588 sameG846 anointingG5545 teachethG1321 youG5209 ofG4012 all things,G3956 andG2532 isG2076 truth,G227 andG2532 isG2076 noG3756 lie,G5579 andG2532 even asG2531 it hath taughtG1321 you,G5209 ye shall abideG3306 inG1722 him.G846

Table of Contents

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Quick summary:

The Hebrew is to labor. He is to work with his hands for the duration of life. He is given an opportunity to achieve  120 years with Health on condition that he obey God and keep his commandments.

Genesis 6:3 KJV+ And the LORDH3068 said,H559 My spiritH7307 shall notH3808 alwaysH5769 striveH1777 with man,H120 for that heH1931 alsoH7945 H1571is flesh:H1320yet his daysH3117 shall beH1961 an hundredH3967 and twentyH6242 years.H8141

Deuteronomy 34:7 KJV+ And MosesH4872was an hundredH3967 and twentyH6242 yearsH8141 oldH1121 when he died:H4194his eyeH5869 was not dim,H3543 H3808 norH3808 his natural forceH3893 abated.H5127

Yet most people only receive 70 years at best and many, because of lawlessness, receive even fewer.

There is a penalty for not working; there is a penalty for sin.

But God does not come down here and whack you upside the head if you are slothful.

You just get the physical results of sloth into your body which is health problems and poverty.

The remedy: a return to the Creator’s laws on labor.

The law on labor:

Ephesians 4:28 KJV+

Let him that stoleG2813 stealG2813 no more:G3371 butG1161 ratherG3123 let him labour,G2872 workingG2038 with his handsG5495 the thing which is good,G18 thatG2443 he may haveG2192 to giveG3330 to him that needeth.G2192 G5532

The reward for laboring:

(Proverbs 22:29 KJV+)

SeestH2372 thou a manH376 diligentH4106 in his business?H4399 he shall standH3320 beforeH6440 kings;H4428 he shall notH1077 standH3320 beforeH6440 meanH2823men.

The law on money, wages, hired servants:

(Exodus 22:26 KJV+) IfH518 thou at all take thy neighbour’s raiment to pledge,H2254 H2254 H7453 H8008 thou shalt deliverH7725 it unto him by thatH5704 the sunH8121 goeth down:H935

(Exodus 22:27 KJV+) ForH3588 thatH1931is his coveringH3682 only,H905 itH1931is his raimentH8071 for his skin:H5785 whereinH4100 shall he sleep?H7901 and it shall come to pass,H1961 whenH3588 he criethH6817 untoH413 me, that I will hear;H8085 forH3588 IH589am gracious.H2587

(James 5:4 KJV+) Behold,G2400 theG3588 hireG3408 of theG3588 labourersG2040 who have reaped downG270 yourG5216 fields,G5561 which is ofG575 youG5216 kept back by fraud,G650 crieth:G2896 andG2532 theG3588 criesG994 of them which have reapedG2325 are enteredG1525 intoG1519 theG3588 earsG3775 of the LordG2962 of sabaoth.G4519

And if a man works for you, you have to pay the man before the sun goes down:

(Deuteronomy 24:15 KJV+) At his dayH3117 thou shalt giveH5414him his hire,H7939 neitherH3808 shall the sunH8121 go downH935 uponH5921 it; forH3588 heH1931is poor,H6041 and settethH5375 (H853) his heartH5315 uponH413 it: lestH3808 he cryH7121 againstH5921 thee untoH413 the LORD,H3068 and it beH1961 sinH2399 unto thee.

If you hire a man to work for you you need to pay that man.

(Jeremiah 22:13 KJV+) WoeH1945 unto him that buildethH1129 his houseH1004 by unrighteousness,H3808 H6664 and his chambersH5944 by wrong;H3808 H4941that useth his neighbour’sH7453 serviceH5647 without wages,H2600 and givethH5414 him notH3808 for his work;H6467

The penalty for using others without payment is removal of rulership of nations:

(Jeremiah 22:14 KJV+) That saith,H559 I will buildH1129 me a wideH4060 houseH1004 and largeH7304 chambers,H5944 and cutteth him outH7167 windows;H2474 and it is cieledH5603 with cedar,H730 and paintedH4886 with vermilion.H8350

(Jeremiah 22:15 KJV+)Shalt thou reign,H4427 becauseH3588 thouH859 closestH8474thyself in cedar?H730 did notH3808 thy fatherH1 eatH398 and drink,H8354 and doH6213 judgmentH4941 and justice,H6666and thenH227it was wellH2896 with him?

Welfare permitted for Widows indeed.

There is only welfare for Widows indeed.

A true widow is over 60 years of age.

(1 Timothy 5:9 KJV+) Let notG3361 a widowG5503 be taken into the numberG2639 underG1640 threescoreG1835 yearsG2094 old, having beenG1096 the wifeG1135 of oneG1520 man,G435

(1 Timothy 5:3 KJV+) HonourG5091 widowsG5503 that are widowsG5503 indeed.G3689

(1 Timothy 5:16 KJV+) If anyG1536 manG4103 orG2228 woman that believethG4103 haveG2192 widows,G5503 let them relieveG1884 them,G846 andG2532 let notG3361 theG3588 churchG1577 be charged;G916 thatG2443 it may relieveG1884 them that are widowsG5503 indeed.G3689

If a man does not work he shall not eat

IF a man works he shall eat; the worker is worthy of his wages


(Luke 10:7 KJV+)AndG1161inG1722theG3588sameG846houseG3614remain,G3306eatingG2068andG2532drinkingG4095such things as they give:G3588 G3844 G846forG1063theG3588labourerG2040isG2076worthyG514of hisG848hire.G3408GoG3327notG3361fromG1537houseG3614toG1519house.G3614

And the opposite corollary is if a man does not work he shall not eat:

(2 Thessalonians 3:10 KJV+) ForG1063 evenG2532 whenG3753 we wereG2258 withG4314 you,G5209 thisG5124 we commandedG3853 you,G5213 thatG3754 if anyG1536 wouldG2309 notG3756 work,G2038 neitherG3366 should he eat.G2068

(2 Thessalonians 3:8 KJV+) NeitherG3761 did we eatG5315 any(G3844) man’sG5100 breadG740 for nought;G1432 butG235 wroughtG2038 withG1722 labourG2873 andG2532 travailG3449 nightG3571 andG2532 day,G2250 that we might notG3361 be chargeableG1912 to anyG5100 of you:G5216

(1 Thessalonians 4:11 KJV+) AndG2532 that ye studyG5389 to be quiet,G2270 andG2532 to do your own business,G4238 G2398 andG2532 to workG2038 with yourG5216 ownG2398 hands,G5495 asG2531 we commandedG3853 you;G5213

Laboring in the Word and doctrine is also labor: 

(1 Timothy 5:17 KJV+) Let theG3588 eldersG4245 that ruleG4291 wellG2573 be counted worthyG515 of doubleG1362 honour,G5092 especiallyG3122 they who labourG2872 inG1722 the wordG3056 andG2532 doctrine.G1319

The opposite of Labor is Sloth

The opposite of Labor is sloth and a slothful man is wicked because he is depending upon someone else to labor for him. Unnecessarily depending upon someone else or government to give food and money is sin because it is, among other things, theft. And God says, thou shalt not steal.

(Judges 18:9 KJV+) And they said,H559 Arise,H6965 that we may go upH5927 againstH5921 them: forH3588 we have seenH7200 (H853) the land,H776 and, behold,H2009 it is veryH3966 good:H2896 and are yeH859 still?H2814 be not slothfulH6101 H408 to go,H1980and to enterH935 to possessH3423 (H853) the land.H776

(Proverbs 12:24 KJV+) The handH3027 of the diligentH2742 shall bear rule:H4910 but the slothfulH7423 shall beH1961 under tribute.H4522

(Proverbs 12:27 KJV+) The slothfulH7423man roastethH2760 notH3808 that which he took in hunting:H6718 but the substanceH1952 of a diligentH2742 manH120is precious.H3368

(Proverbs 15:19 KJV+) The wayH1870 of the slothfulH6102man is as an hedgeH4881 of thorns:H2312 but the wayH734 of the righteousH3477is made plain.H5549

(Proverbs 18:9 KJV+) HeH1931 alsoH1571 that is slothfulH7503 in his workH4399 is brotherH251 to him that is a greatH1167 waster.H4889

(Proverbs 19:15 KJV+) SlothfulnessH6103 castethH5307 into a deep sleep;H8639 and an idleH7423 soulH5315 shall suffer hunger.H7456

(Proverbs 19:24 KJV+) A slothfulH6102man hidethH2934 his handH3027 in his bosom,H6747 and will notH3808 so muchH1571 as bring it to his mouth again.H413 H6310 H7725

(Proverbs 21:25 KJV+) The desireH8378 of the slothfulH6102 killethH4191 him; forH3588 his handsH3027 refuseH3985 to labour.H6213

(Proverbs 22:13 KJV+) The slothfulH6102man saith,H559There is a lionH738 without,H2351 I shall be slainH7523 inH8432 the streets.H7339

(Proverbs 24:30 KJV+) I wentH5674 byH5921 the fieldH7704 of the slothful,H6102 H376 and byH5921 the vineyardH3754 of the manH120 voidH2638 of understanding;H3820

(Proverbs 26:13 KJV+) The slothfulH6102man saith,H559There is a lionH7826 in the way;H1870 a lionH738is inH996 the streets.H7339

(Proverbs 26:14 KJV+) As the doorH1817 turnethH5437 uponH5921 his hinges,H6735 so doth the slothfulH6102 uponH5921 his bed.H4296

(Proverbs 26:15 KJV+) The slothfulH6102 hidethH2934 his handH3027 in his bosom;H6747 it grievethH3811 him to bring it againH7725 toH413 his mouth.H6310

(Ecclesiastes 10:18 KJV+) By much slothfulnessH6103 the buildingH4746 decayeth;H4355 and through idlenessH8220 of the handsH3027 the houseH1004 droppeth through.H1811

(Matthew 25:26 KJV+) (G1161) HisG846 lordG2962 answeredG611 and saidG2036 unto him,G846Thou wickedG4190 andG2532 slothfulG3636 servant,G1401 thou knewestG1492 thatG3754 I reapG2325 whereG3699 I sowedG4687 not,G3756 andG2532 gatherG4863 whereG3606 I have notG3756 strawed:G1287

(Romans 12:11 KJV+) NotG3361 slothfulG3636 in business;G4710 ferventG2204 in spirit;G4151 servingG1398 theG3588 Lord;G2962

(Hebrews 6:12 KJV+) ThatG2443 ye beG1096 notG3361 slothful,G3576 butG1161 followersG3402 of them who throughG1223 faithG4102 andG2532 patienceG3115 inheritG2816 theG3588 promises.G1860

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