Exposition: Inheritance How to treat the Stranger, sojournor. Treat him like an Equal with you.

Exposition of Mosaic Law on the inheritance law.

Summary of the Scriptures: Ezekiel 47:22-23; Isaiah 56:3-6 identifies how the stranger may be brought into the Covenant and made equal. When the stranger is made equal then he is equal on all grounds.

In Acts 10 Peter is shown that the Gentile and the Jew are upon equal ground also as per

(Acts 10:28 KJV+) AndG5037 he saidG5346 untoG4314 them,G846 YeG5210 knowG1987 howG5613 that it isG2076 an unlawful thingG111 for a manG435 that is a JewG2453 to keep company,G2853 orG2228 come untoG4334 one of another nation;G246 butG2532 GodG2316 hath shewedG1166 meG1698 that I should not callG3004 anyG3367 manG444 commonG2839 orG2228 unclean.G169

It appeared originally that only the Israelite would receive an inheritance but here in Ezekiel, The Creator is creating the law concerning the Stranger.

(Ezekiel 47:22 KJV+) And it shall come to pass,H1961that ye shall divide it by lotH5307 (H853) for an inheritanceH5159 unto you, and to the strangersH1616 that sojournH1481 amongH8432 you, whichH834 shall begetH3205 childrenH1121 amongH8432 you: and they shall beH1961 unto you as born in the countryH249 among the childrenH1121 of Israel;H3478 they shall haveH5307 inheritanceH5159 withH854 you amongH8432 the tribesH7626 of Israel.H3478

(Ezekiel 47:23 KJV+) And it shall come to pass,H1961that in whatH834 tribeH7626 the strangerH1616 sojourneth,H1481 thereH854 H8033 shall ye giveH5414him his inheritance,H5159 saithH5002 the LordH136 GOD.H3069

This is an extension on how to treat a stranger.

The sojourner is to be treated with as much care as the other as there are special statutes that relate to the stranger, the widow and the fatherless that override other statutes.

(Isaiah 56:3 KJV+) NeitherH408 let the sonH1121 of the stranger,H5236 that hath joined himselfH3867 toH413 the LORD,H3068 speak,H559 saying,H559 The LORDH3068 hath utterly separatedH914 H914 me fromH4480 H5921 his people:H5971 neitherH408 let the eunuchH5631 say,H559 Behold,H2005 IH589am a dryH3002 tree.H6086

(Isaiah 56:4 KJV+) ForH3588 thusH3541 saithH559 the LORDH3068 unto the eunuchsH5631 thatH834 keepH8104 (H853) my sabbaths,H7676 and chooseH977the things thatH834 pleaseH2654 me, and take holdH2388 of my covenant;H1285

(Isaiah 56:5 KJV+) Even unto them will I giveH5414 in mine houseH1004 and within my wallsH2346 a placeH3027 and a nameH8034 betterH2896 than of sonsH4480 H1121 and of daughters:H4480 H1323 I will giveH5414 them an everlastingH5769 name,H8034 thatH834 shall notH3808 be cut off.H3772

(Isaiah 56:6 KJV+) Also the sonsH1121 of the stranger,H5236 that join themselvesH3867 toH5921 the LORD,H3068 to serveH8334 him, and to loveH157 (H853) the nameH8034 of the LORD,H3068 to beH1961 his servants,H5650 every oneH3605 that keepethH8104 the sabbathH7676 from pollutingH4480 H2490 it, and taketh holdH2388 of my covenant;H1285

Edited: 6:13 AM October 29, 2013   I am lacking the Words of Messiah and his words in the New Testament.  The Status of the Ambassador, Servant, Citizen of the Kingdom of God Almighty is quite High.  That Status would rival the Status of Individual which is the highest Status available in a group of human beings. There are levels of freedom and the Individual has the  highest.  Married women are second ( In Lawful Scriptural which are done according as Jacob and Rachel;  or as Abraham and Sarah, etcetera and etcetera   ( that is a non licensed non- 3 party general Limited Partnership with the state by license mariages type).


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