I think that there is a misunderstanding with many people about this Law of YHWH, I will give a quick example concerning the financial system.  YHWH shows in Scripture starting in Genesis that Abraham used 400 Shekles of Silver to pay for his wife’s burial cave. If you read the story they went into court with all the offical witnesses and the scribes and the judge and Abraham Weighed out 400 Shekles of silver.  So Abraham took property, 400 shekles, and gave it to the king  in exchange for the Property. So Property was used to buy property.   A perfect transaction.   Unjust weights and measures are abomination to YHWH and there are actual consequences for failure to heed this law.  And one of those consequences that we are getting in America is inflation because Americans are carrying paper in their pockets with has value of Zero.


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