Incredible insight: Gluten Intollarance is a real thing.

This is amazing to me.  I noticed in some spaggetti I bought that it was sticking together differently then the other brand I bought. I ate it anyway. And Soon there after I had an issue in the night that made me terrified.  I had to repeat the Psalms to keep my self centered.   Now several days later I am feeling far more stable, yet now as I look back I begin to see a pattern that I did not see before. Once again, this is the Sabbath day that I am observing in Honor of YHWH.

YHWH gives insight by obedience to him.  The tiniest step in honor of YHWH is honored by YHWH. He give his Holy Breath to those paying attention.

Just a moment of prayer and thanksgiving this Sabbath day.

Oh my Elohim,

I praise  you and I love  you for you have loved me more dearly and kept me safe all this time.

I praise  your Name I sing praise to you in song with instruments of strings.

I play skillfully for your honor and your glory. Your Glory fills my glory.

You instruct me in the way that I need to go. You keep my needs before your face and you answer me before I call upon  you.  I know that you hear me  because I see and I have experienced your answer.

Thank you for you dear and wonderful son whom you have sent, Saviour, Messiah, Friend, Yahushua my Elohim.

I present my needs to you with thanksgiving and with prayer this hour with unspoken words to any but You, My GOD, my King, my Sovereign, my Saviour.
Thank you,



So be it.




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