DMSO: A God made solution-

I copied this paragraph because it says this well.  Yet, I am no professional. I don’t get paid to research by any man.  I work for the Creator God and he pays me in the right manner and in the right way this time, that time, and every time.

“The professional researcher/reporter who writes this site has no medical training. Use DMSO only under the supervision of a doctor who is skilled in its application, and only use pharmaceutical grade, not industrial grade. Everyone is different, and what might be good for some people might be bad for you. Tell your doctor your medical history and medications. The information, suggestions and instructions below are from the sources listed at the end of the page”. — Unknown author of this paragraph. 
The FDA requires DMSO to be sold only as a solvent. Please research thoroughly with the sources provided before purchasing DMSO.

DMSO: A God made solution-  If you click on this link you will find Bulletin #106 Data on DMSO

This is  a data compilation of DMSO. I find especially interesting that the Bulletin #106

A copy of the book : DMSO: the persecuted Drug by Pat  McGrady


Chapter 9 of my Ambassador’s  hand book has information on this here:

Large Print copy of the DMSO: The Persecuted Drug is located here:

Information on where to buy Ultra Pure DMSO is located here: has more information and a Quality Control Chemist runs this site


1. The Persecuted Drug, by Pat McGrady

If you find this book below, let me know please I want copy here too.

2. DMSO, Nature’s Healer, by Dr. Morton Walker

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