A link to DMSO: the persecuted drug by Pat Mcgrady. God Made Medicines. Other Links-

A copy of this in full is located at   http://wp.me/P3LMfb-iO    here on my site just in case some over zealous state guardian/ward decides  to remove that link. Capeche.

(The FDA requires DMSO to be sold only as a solvent. Please research thoroughly with the sources provided before purchasing DMSO.)




A place I  have bought very pure DMSO from is from  Robert L. Brock at http://www.dmso.net


that is an index of many pages on the healthnews.benabraham site.


The Article and post is for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own brain and do your own research for decisions for yourself. Capeche?



God Made Medicines

Creator made foods

Creator wants health for his people

Creator made law to keep his people happy and healthy

I love my Creator

Therefore I obey my Creator.


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