Dream: “I took all your sin”. Then the music stopped and a voice said: “Into my body”.

sift soth paejel voek qpfij sfoke noma righteousness You word is my command. redeem your servant. comfort comfort me . I seek your face this day.



“I took all your sins into my body”.

In a dream a little while back I had this come to me. There was a chorus playing, a symphony and the lyrics were: “I took all  your sins”; and then the music stopped in a cadence and the following words were spoken like many voices, like a computer voice, and they voice said: “into my body”.

And then I woke up.

I noted quickly that this action was in the first person and in the past tense, “I took”.  The words were spoken directly to me and the action has already be accomplished.   So, the action “I took all  your sins” is completed in the past already.  I sit here today and speak these words and the Voice in the dream used the Past Tense to inform me that what ever that has happened has already occurred in this action.

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