is Homesteading Scriptural? is it the same thing as Standing on the land?

Let me recommend some articles that may help clarify this issue:

  1. Hebrews obey God and keep his Word, Logos, commandments, Messiah, Word made flesh.

2.  the use of man’s words to describe an issue is to admit that you are under their jurisdiction.

  1. My King Is the Creator of the Universe and I obey Him. Capeech. 1

  2. The words we use are more important than the public school system teaches:

2.  If  man’s term “status” is to be used let us understand that my “status” is that of “son” and my Father is God.  So my “guardian” is God Almighty, and I, little me, “ward”  or in Scripture ‘son’.

3.  Which of these laws has been done away with and as my “christian un-friends” say: nailed to the cross with Jesus.


Comments? Questions? Dissent?

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