The VISUAL Psalm 119…

Question to “christians” If the law of God is done awaywith and nailed to the cross with Jesus, why are the penalties for breaking those laws still in existence. A). Is the penalty for theft still in existence? If so, then the law is still in full force and effect, right? What about the law thou shalt not have sex out side of marriage and if you do you have t o pay the daddy 50 shekles of silver ( 37.5 ounces of silver) and marry the girl, and you may never annul the marriage, but you may get divorced?
What about the law on poisoning the Temple of the Holy Ghost which is the body? When vaccinces are administrated are they not causing documented permanent damage , if You question this see the Blaylock report on vaccination and the videos here and on Youtube etc.


Yesterday’s post with some information about my ‘highlighting habit’ and a few pretty pictures made me think to share Psalm 119 from a different perspective.  Prior to understanding how much YAHWEH values HIS Torah, I found this Psalm to be incredibly boring.  It was very dry…  Not because that is how He wrote it, but because of how I viewed it!!

Ps 119 174Soon after He began to reveal how important HIS Torah is, I began to drink deeply of this Psalm and simply could not get enough.  Eventually, I took the time to highlight every synonym or word parallel of ‘torah’ so I could ‘see’ them all.  I used a pink highlighter to mark every instance of ‘law,’ ‘judgment,’ ‘statute,’ ‘ordinance,’ ‘precept,’ ‘commandment, etc…

Following are pics of this Psalm in my Bible. 

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