Who Baptized the Apostle Paul?

I woke up this morning with the thought to speak : Now, Which law is done away with and “nailed to the Cross with Jesus?” Is it the first commandment?, No wait. may be it was the second commandment. no, let me think, it had to be the seventh commandment, that is the most fun, right? Ok, ok, no that one can’t be done away with either. So why is the “FOURTH commandment” done away with and nailed to the cross if the rest of them are still in effect?


So, Yeshua appears to Rabbi Sha’ul (Paul) on the road to Damascus.  This is the first step we see in a series of events wherein Sha’ul, one of the greatest evangelists in the history of the world is ‘captured,’ and turned toward the Messiah.

Acts 9:1-20 records the amazing set of events in the first several days.  Among those events is recorded the story of Hananyah, the one to whom Yeshua appears, sending him to pray that Sha’ul of Tarsus receive his sight.

Before we read the story, I have to ask you, if you were about to assign someone to meet with Rav Sha’ul, the one you have selected to be the greatest emissary in the history of the world, what qualifications would you have for this mentor?  Would you select a mentor that was confused or not walking properly?  Would you select a mentor that didn’t know what…

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