To those using the NIV or other Scripture: missing content in NIV  This may be the most informative site concerning the copyrighted work of these newer translations of the Scripture.  Here is a quote from Richard Anthony’s site:

Secondly, did you know if you quote from, or copy from, or preach from, one of these copyrighted bibles, without the written permission of the “author” of that work, did you know you can be fined, imprisoned, and penalized for doing so? In other words, whoever owns the copyright to a bible is preventing you from repeating what is contained in that bible! Does mere man have the authority to prevent someone from sharing God’s Word with others? No, he doesn’t. But since copyrighted bibles contain the words of men, only some man’s personal interpretation of the words of God, they can prevent others from using “their” bibles.

As I study and read the Scripture for this audio project of recorded Scripture, I am convinced that every word is in the Scripture for a reason. A missing word, or sixty four thousand words, in the New International Version and other similar books is a cause of concern.  The Authority of the Scripture is diminished and the law: At the mouth of two or three witnesses let ever matter be established is broken.  How can a man stand on Scripture if the witnesses are deleted?

My companions and writers, please consider this issue. Here are a few others that have this concern.

*Editor note 4/2014:   I noticed there is an 500 Internal Server Error on the site. right now. Don’t give up, may be they will get it fixed. **


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