Can Teeth be Remineralized? I am beginning to believe it is true.

02/06/2014: Man from Sojouring America replies: “Greetings in the name of the Messiah, Jesus Christ: Peace.

I have been inspired to write today on an issue that has been bothering me quite a bit the last period of time of recent.

I have a tooth pain in my lower jaw and I don’t know what is causing it but it has been bothering me on and off for several years. In the past I have made and used clove extract in Alcohol, cloves soaked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to alleviate the pain.

In the last week I have gradually been noticing that my sleep is being affected, I must not be entering into REM sleep, or perhaps deep Delta wave sleep, I am not certain which), and this dawned on me because I have felt less alert recently during day light hours.

And about 2 nights ago I realized that I had a faint throbbing in my lower jaw and now am certain that it is causing my sleep disruption.

Now, after having read a number of posts here, I had a brain storm which I have tried. First of all I have settled in my mind that I believe that God did not make junk when he made me, two (2) that the teeth can be re-mineralise and three (3) that this problem can be solved using things in my possession already.

So, going on the above stated theories I have done the following:

In a 12 ounce glass canning jar

I added two (2) teaspoons of Azomite which is a clay mined in Utah the has many many trace minerals;

two (2) I added two (2) teaspoons of ground dry turmeric powder;
(3) I added three (3) teaspoons of DMSO and finally I added a few droppers full of extract of turmeric ( made from turmeric powder soaked in alcohol).

And four (4)I filled the rest of the jar with distilled water

“the protocol” I am going to use now:

What I am going to do is take a teaspoon of this multiple times and swish it around in my mouth, and I probably ought to swallow the solution ( there is nothing in it that would cause injury and I already drink DMSO, I eat turmeric, I drink distilled water, and I also consume turmeric extract).

[Azomite is another example of a God made thing that could likely be very beneficial to the health of men and women but is not currently approved; yet, like DMSO, Azomite is fully approved and encouraged for animals. I guess it is up to the man or the woman to decide for themselves whether or not Azomite is a good idea. ]

I have gathered together some information on Azomite for my readers at my site and put a bit of information to get them familiar with this God made dust. (God used dust to make Adam so perhaps he used Azomite and perhaps God was standing in Utah, could explain why the Mormons made their headquarters in Utah, LOL).

God willing, I will let my readers know what has happened with this experiment I am doing and I will return here to post the results. Thank you, my dear Reader.”


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