Local Churchs are Putrid. Liars and deceivers. Read the Word of God and leave the big building church.

I don’t need to go sit down in a pew to learn what a church is teaching. All I have to do is watch those that call them selves pastors from that church.  That is all I have to do.  They love money, and fancy oils and wines. They say “The Bible says, BUT we teach”.  You will KNOW THEM by their fruits. Rotten, dead twice, and putrid.

“If I didn’t see it, It didn’t happen”. Is that how God operates?  If no one see adultery, then it is ok? If no one finds out about a side fornication that it is ok? If you don’t get caught, it’s ok? Is that what you said to me that day?


Comments? Questions? Dissent?

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