I am typing Scripture today and posting it with some thoughts

It might be time to repost this. I had forgotten I had this thought. Should men be wearing black dresses? they call it a robe?


By typing this I am hearing it better.

Perhaps a good idea to delve into the mind of Christ is to type out what he has said.

When the ruling authorities came to him to trap him in his words I see he posed a question back to them which they would not answer.  The Messiah was teaching us how to deal with the criminal cabal called government known as the scribes and the chief priests and the elders.  And in verse twenty seven when they come to him to trap him the Messiah turns the tables on them. If the criminal rulers are posed the proper Scriptural question, then they have no leg to stand on to attack the believer and follower of the words of the Messiah.

From Mark chapter eleven starting at verse twelve:

And on the morrow, when they were come from Bethany, he was hungry:

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