Sheep shepherds in wolf’s clothing. Know the Word of God to avoid these liars. They hold the word of God second to their own opinion

To the Pastors of the Churches in Salem, Arkansas. Hear the Word of the LORD you Wicked Greedy men.


  • Warning to pastors especially the ones I have met personally. God does not need an another building.
  • God does not need another building with a roof  and pews. (Pews!) Putrid.
  • He does not need you to build a bigger parking lot.
  • He does not need another stain glass window.
  • Your church building is crumbling and will bury you in its rubble
  • None of us lives to himself and none of us dies to himself. If we live or if we die we do so unto YHWH.
  • SATAN has entered into many telling them that they were doing the will of YHWH but seeking to kill YHWH Anointed. like the removal of the anointing of King Saul and the giving of the Anointing unto the young boy David. They kill the anointed and the prophets thinking they are doing service to YHWH when in fact it is SATAN they are serving…

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