10 Paradigm-shifting New Testament Verses

In light ofmy recent experience and the Non Statutory Abatement I am serving to the Criminals that have arrested me in my line of Duty to God I find this article interesting. SEe the non Statutory abatement


Maybe I’m the only person this happens to, but have you ever read a verse that you’ve read a 100 times, but suddenly you ‘see’ it totally differently?  Like a bolt of lightning, or a V-8 moment, you suddenly understand it in a whole new light?

illusion_optical_illusions-s300x369-13681-580An optical example is at the left…  Do you see a young woman, or an old woman?

Sometimes seeing one can become an impediment to seeing the other, yet both are cleverly there.

Theologically, we can be told a certain paradigm or traditional understanding so many times that we can’t ‘see’ something else that is obviously there.  Yet, taking time to ponder and refocus, can suddenly open whole new worlds of understanding that utterly shift our paradigm.

Here are ten such verses that are paradigm shifters.   I pray you are as challenged as I was the first time these verses ‘hit’ me.  They open…

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