The “Bill Shekle” Holy Bible Dream.

Last night I awoke from a dream and wrote down what I remembered.

I was looking at a pedestal with a Bible Bible on it. A man had donated a massive bible and had a shrine built for it in side a church building.
As I inquire I learn that it is called the Shekle Bible.

I learn later that a man by the name of Bill Sheckle wrote this bible and that the Bill Sheckle family donated this bible to the Church and built this monument to the Bill Sheckle bible.

As I am considering these things a woman approaches me and she asks me a question or two concerning the inspiration of this Bill Sheckle Bible. “Is this an inspired Bible”? And so I read some of it and it sounds like prose, regular secular prose.

And I turn a number of pages and find a chapter that starts with a picture of a bank , the Bill Sheckle Bank. Bill Sheckle was a banker that wrote the Bil Sheckle Bible.

So the bible is written by Bill Sheckle and the Bil Sheckle family donate the Bill Sheckle Bible to the Church and money to enshrine the Bible on a pedestal.

Then later in the dream I see two wheels and I pick them up thinking I need them. But as I approach the place to pay for them they turn into a green metal chair and I put it down because I am thinking  I really do not need this chair and to buy it to resell may be pointless.

–end of dream


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