Natural Law and Law of God and Scriptural Law are all the same thing.

Now it is time to edit this on the first day of the seventh month according to the Scripture, September ninth year of our LORD and Savior Jesus, the Christ.   As I continue my walk and my research into the Scripture there are some changes that I need to make now to my understanding of Law and law and legal and multiple things. What I would like to do is point to the few tings that have helped pave the way to my understanding this.  put up by Marcus is a good start.  Please use discernment. Of old the Scripture says that all men are liars. But just because they all have falsehood the foundation is the Scripture. So stick with the Scripture and remember that “To the Law and to the Testimony if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them”.

End of edit Glory to God!


I don’t know if it is settled in your mind, Dear Reader, but it it is in mine that  the Scripture inform us of the underlying laws governing our lives.  By ‘underlying laws ‘ I mean,  the laws that operate with or without our consent,  our knowledge, our approval, or  our acceptance.  The best example I can think of on the fly is the law of gravity.  Our opinion about gravity can not and will never affect the effect of gravity. We don’t have to think gravity into existence. Gravity is there whether we think about it or  not.  When we wake in the morning and our feet go off the bed they always go down to the floor and we stand up and we don’t have to wonder if that will happen.

YHWH has set this world up in such a manner that it operates perfectly.  The founding Fathers of America called God’s Law, Natural Law but that name didn’t make a lot of sense to me until I began my life as a practicing Hebrew. Now that I have committed myself to the practice of the Law of YHWH, these laws make perfect sense.

Most of these laws in Scripture have to be obeyed first before the understanding will be given by the Holy Breath  (Ghost).   This is what i call faith in the operation of the Law of God. Many are going to fall away from the faith b ecause they have been told lies and false doctrine about the truth of God’s Word.

Comments? Questions? Dissent?

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