Part I and II: Defining Manhood: What does it mean to say one is a man?

(Originally posted 7/31/2013)

What does it mean to say one is a man?

A man becomes a man when he obeys God and keeps His commandments.

A issue I have recently become aware of is that a man must have the ability to “mother, and father” himself.

Can a man get all of his needs met by his wife. My guess is probably not. If a man is totally dependent upon his wife for his own feelings of self worth and value and self-esteem and his existence is justified by his wife, then every emotional outburst of the woman will be controlling to the man. The man will feel that he has to “make his wife happy” so that he will feel good about himself.

There comes a time in life when a man has to do the thing that no one else believes, that no one else thinks is important, and that no one else thinks is of any value; and he has to act alone with no one supporting him emotionally or mentally, or physically.

A man sometimes has to do that which is not popular and he must stand alone but has to do that which he knows is the right thing to do. As Martin Luther King once said:

Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe? Expediency asks the question is it politics. Vanity asks the question is it popular? But conscience asks the question: Is it right?

And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”

The man is paying close attention to the Word of God and he is keenly aware of his conscience and he lives in confidence because he is rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

God’s word is truth.

The woman is subject to the man because he is in compliance with the Law of God.

When the man is in compliance with the law of God he has authority because he is standing upon the rock of God’s Word, His Logos, and His Law. There is no higher law upon which to rest his decision making process, and there is no higher truth upon which to base decisions. Any other foundation would be unstable to stand upon as it is not based in “Truth”. Pilate may have asked, “What is truth?” But the man of God knows there is only one “Truth,” as per these two direct quotes:

(1 Kings 17:24 KJV+)And the womanH802 saidH559 toH413 Elijah,H452 NowH6258 by thisH2088 I knowH3045 thatH3588 thouH859art a manH376 of God,H430and that the wordH1697 of the LORDH3068 in thy mouthH6310is truth.H571

The quote from the New Testament as a witness to the first quote:

(John 17:17 KJV+)SanctifyG37themG846throughG1722thyG4675truth:G225thyG4674wordG3056isG2076truth.G225”

When he is in compliance with Acts 5:29 he is a man.

Acts 5:29 KJV+ ThenG1161 PeterG4074 andG2532 theG3588other apostlesG652 answeredG611 and said,G2036 We oughtG1163 to obeyG3980 GodG2316 ratherG3123 thanG2228 men.G444



His wife has no higher judge to which to appeal than to the husband’s decision because he, as the head of the family, is already in compliance with the Highest Court’s decision, so to speak.

The man is in compliance with the ;Supreme Court of the Universe’ which is God’s Word.

[The basis of the doctrine of Stare Decisis, that an issue once settled is always settled, (comes from Scripture and an example of this is from Numbers where the man had 6 daughters and no son and the question arose if women could inherit land in Israel Moses took up the issue on the Day of Atonement to the Mercy Seat and God ruled on the issue. The answer is Yes, Women can own land in Israel. Israel is the only society on earth which permitted women to own property independent of their husbands)]

There are two issues to be dealt with the first is the fact of the command that every man must act in faith and the second that the man must be fully persuaded in his own mind regarding his own course of action. Singleness of mind and heart are crucial to a man as the Scripture says:

(James 1:8 KJV+) A double mindedG1374 manG435is unstableG182 inG1722 allG3956 hisG848 ways.G3598

And the word that proceeds out of your mouth becomes a law. That is an interesting concept!~

(Numbers 30:2 KJV+) IfH3588 a manH376 vowH5087 a vowH5088 unto the LORD,H3068 orH176 swearH7650 an oathH7621 to bindH631 H5921 his soulH5315 with a bond;H632 he shall notH3808 breakH2490 his word,H1697 he shall doH6213 according to allH3605 that proceedeth outH3318 of his mouth.H4480 H6310

So a man speaks, and law proceeds out of his mouth. That which he says he must do.

(Romans 14:5 KJV+) One manG3739 G3303 esteemethG2919 one day above another:G2250 G3844 G2250(G1161) anotherG3739 esteemethG2919 everyG3956 dayG2250alike. Let every manG1538 be fully persuadedG4135 inG1722 his ownG2398 mind.G3563

All the man’s actions must be done in faith as per:

  1. (Romans 14:22 KJV+) HastG2192 thouG4771 faith?G4102 haveG2192it toG2596 thyselfG4572 beforeG1799 God.G2316 HappyG3107is he that condemnethG2919 notG3361 himselfG1438 inG1722 that thing whichG3739 he alloweth.G1381
  1. (Romans 14:23 KJV+) AndG1161 he that doubtethG1252 is damnedG2632 ifG1437 he eat,G5315 becauseG3754 he eateth notG3756 ofG1537 faith:G4102 forG1161 whatsoeverG3956 G3739 is notG3756 ofG1537 faithG4102 isG2076 sin.G266

What if the man believes he is in compliance but he is not actually in compliance? I saw an interesting statement hanging on the wall of the house I stayed at during a learning session in Missouri that read:

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either stop being mistaken, or he will stop being honest”.

I have known men that believe they are in compliance with the Word of God but upon looking at their decisions the falsehood of the foundation is clear because they have not studied the Word and proved the understanding as 2 Timothy 15 KJV+ states. to “Shew themselves approved rightly dividing the Word of Truth”. Would this not necessitate the opposite corollary that the woman would not be subject to the husband if he was not in compliance with the Law of God? I would say not necessarily because the woman’s desires are subject to the husband. The man is the head of the family. If a man is misguided then he must needs get on the right path but the woman has no authority to force him upon the path she deems right even if it is right.

The foundational Scriptures:

  • (1 Thessalonians 4:11 KJV+) AndG2532 that ye studyG5389 to be quiet,G2270 andG2532 to do your own business,G4238 G2398 andG2532 to workG2038 with yourG5216 ownG2398 hands,G5495 asG2531 we commandedG3853 you;G5213
  • (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV+) StudyG4704 to shewG3936 thyselfG4572 approvedG1384 unto God,G2316 a workmanG2040 that needeth not to be ashamed,G422 rightly dividingG3718 theG3588 wordG3056 of truth.G225



The divorced woman then would no longer be subject to the law of her ex-husband as per the foundational law according to Deuteronomy 24:1-4.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4 KJV+(1) WhenH3588 a manH376 hath takenH3947 a wife,H802 and marriedH1166 her, and it come to passH1961 thatH518 she findH4672 noH3808 favourH2580 in his eyes,H5869 becauseH3588 he hath foundH4672 someH1697 uncleannessH6172 in her: then let him writeH3789 her a billH5612 of divorcement,H3748 and giveH5414it in her hand,H3027 and sendH7971 her out of his house.H4480 H1004(2) And when she is departedH3318 out of his house,H4480 H1004 she may goH1980 and beH1961 anotherH312 man’sH376wife.(3) And if the latterH314 husbandH376 hateH8130 her, and writeH3789 her a billH5612 of divorcement,H3748 and givethH5414it in her hand,H3027 and sendethH7971 her out of his house;H4480 H1004 orH176 ifH3588 the latterH314 husbandH376 die,H4191 whichH834 tookH3947 her to be his wife;H802(4) Her formerH7223 husband,H1167 whichH834 sent her away,H7971 mayH3201 notH3808 takeH3947 her againH7725 to beH1961 his wife,H802 after thatH310 H834 she is defiled;H2930 forH3588 thatH1931is abominationH8441 beforeH6440 the LORD:H3068 and thou shalt notH3808 cause(H853) the landH776 to sin,H2398 whichH834 the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 givethH5414 thee for an inheritance.H5159

  • And if her husband died then she would no longer be subject to the law of her husband as per:

(Romans 7:1 KJV+)(G2228) Know ye not,G50 brethren,G80 (forG1063 I speakG2980 to them that knowG1097 the law,)G3551 how thatG3754 theG3588 lawG3551 hath dominion overG2961 a manG444 (G1909) as long asG3745 G5550 he liveth?G2198

(Romans 7:2 KJV+) ForG1063 theG3588 womanG1135 which hath an husbandG5220 is boundG1210 by the lawG3551 to her husbandG435 so long as he liveth;G2198 butG1161 ifG1437 theG3588 husbandG435 be dead,G599 she is loosedG2673 fromG575 theG3588 lawG3551 of her husband.G435

  • The law of the husband goes into effect when the two people, male and female, agree to contract together for the purpose of marriage at which point they become one flesh she belongs to him and he belongs to her as per 1st Corinthians 7:1-6; and another witness here in Ephesians 5:24.

1 Corinthians 7:1-6 KJV+(1) NowG1161 concerningG4012 the things whereofG3739 ye wroteG1125 unto me:G3427It is goodG2570 for a manG444 notG3361 to touchG680 a woman.G1135(2) Nevertheless,G1161to avoid(G1223) fornication,G4202 let every manG1538 haveG2192 his ownG1438 wife,G1135 andG2532 let every womanG1538 haveG2192 her ownG2398 husband.G435(3) Let theG3588 husbandG435 renderG591 unto theG3588 wifeG1135 dueG3784 benevolence:G2133 andG1161 likewiseG3668 alsoG2532 theG3588 wifeG1135 unto theG3588 husband.G435(4) TheG3588 wifeG1135 hath not powerG1850 G3756 of her ownG2398 body,G4983 butG235 theG3588 husband:G435 andG1161 likewiseG3668 alsoG2532 theG3588 husbandG435 hath not powerG1850 G3756 of his ownG2398 body,G4983 butG235 theG3588 wife.G1135(5) DefraudG650 ye notG3361 one the other,G240 exceptG1509 G302it be withG1537 consentG4859 forG4314 a time,G2540 thatG2443 ye may give yourselvesG4980 to fastingG3521 andG2532 prayer;G4335 andG2532 come togetherG4905 again,G3825 thatG2443 SatanG4567 temptG3985 youG5209 notG3361 forG1223 yourG5216 incontinency.G192(6) ButG1161 I speakG3004 thisG5124 byG2596 permission,G4774and notG3756 ofG2596 commandment.G2003

Ephesians 5:24 KJV+ ThereforeG235 asG5618 theG3588 churchG1577 is subject untoG5293 Christ,G5547 soG3779let theG3588 wivesG1135be to their ownG2398 husbandsG435 inG1722 every thing.G3956

  • Women can rule over the man if he is not based in Scripture. And this is clearly evidenced in our society. As a general rule, Americans are not doing the good, right thing and so God is allowing the results of that.
  • If he does not know the law, then upon what can he stand? And Scripture does say: Children are your oppressors and women rule over the man when the man fails to obey God and keep his commandments.
  • This is the penalty for not knowing and not obeying the Law of God Almighty.

(Genesis 3:16 KJV+) UntoH413 the womanH802 he said,H559 I will greatlyH7235 multiplyH7235 thy sorrowH6093 and thy conception;H2032 in sorrowH6089 thou shalt bring forthH3205 children;H1121 and thy desireH8669shall be toH413 thy husband,H376 and heH1931 shall ruleH4910 over thee.

(Leviticus 25:46 KJV+) And ye shall take them as an inheritanceH5157 (H853) for your childrenH1121 afterH310 you, to inheritH3423them for a possession;H272 they shall be your bondmenH5647 for ever:H5769 but over your brethrenH251 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 ye shall notH3808 ruleH7287 oneH376 over anotherH251 with rigour.H6531

(Isaiah 3:4 KJV+) And I will giveH5414 childrenH5288to be their princes,H8269 and babesH8586 shall ruleH4910 over them.

(Isaiah 3:12 KJV+)As for my people,H5971 childrenH5768are their oppressors,H5065 and womenH802 ruleH4910 over them. O my people,H5971 they which leadH833 thee cause thee to err,H8582 and destroyH1104 the wayH1870 of thy paths.H734


Thank you, Dear Reader, for you time. I hope my labor of love in is helping you to more fully understand the Scriptures.

Blessing and peace to you and yours.


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