Law books and Resources: Gold Mine.

Biblical Principles of Law

Tithing: What is God’s Word on Actually

Robert A. Wenke

Making and meeting Objections II

The law of God and the law of the state are finally coming into focus: and agreement.   this will forestall the destruction of the country if people begin obeying God and keeping his commandments on Lawful money as per the commandment of the Creator God, YHWH

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distilled water information:

The Power of the Word! an article by Richard Anthony’s web site:  This is good.   Be aware that all information must be looked at. Anthony recommends the Berry interlinear Greek for study, but this site shows the flaws in Berry’s work.   So please use your full discretion and rightly divide the word of Truth, just like Father instructs us.  Capeech.

George Gordon teaches much on court cases

And what court cases have George Gordon

George Gordon and The School on Common law

Re edited: 12/23/2013 7:02 AM  I found this site recently that will help people who are sincerely wanting to obey God and keep his commandments   and I put it on my site here too in case that site is down:

Edited November 26, 2013 at 6:13 AM

George Gordon is a pioneer in religious free exercise and has helped to pave the way for people choosing to obey God Almighty, YHWH, and keep his commandments, lawfully( as pertains to God Almighty) and legally, i.e. legitimately as pertains to the state law and federal law.   Gordon v Idaho pertains to the law of God on oath taking.  All oaths taken are a violation of the law of God. If a man raises his right hand and swears on ANYTHING,  he has separated himself from Almighty God.   Thanks to George Gordon U S Supreme court  case listed below, it is an established Right of the individual to obey God and keep his command on the issue.    End of Edit–


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