A man Helping a Godly man find a Godly woman for a wife. In Arizona.

An unmarried man here (HebrewofYhwh), a brother helping another Godly brother in Az.


I know a man who is a Godly man, a Hebrew, who actually lives the Word of God,  who obeys God and keeps his commandments.

Goodly man is in Phoenix, Arizona. He has requested that this post now be made public.

He is unmarried.



He says:

“Hi, I am a unmarried Godly man looking for a unmarried Godly woman or one that would like to become one.
She must be 40- 50:  My match info.
Height: 5’6″ to 5’8″
Body Type:  slim
Hair: long
Ethnicity: Any
Education: Any
Religion: Spiritual but not religious
Occupation: Any
Has kids: O.k.
If I was to but it in simple words of what I am looking for in a woman it would be this way.
The surface things are external,things easily viewed. What I need is someone who can see my soul and spirit too. May God find You with love.”

The email:



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