MSG and food additives and Child Hyperactivity resource gathering.

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This first article is labeled:

Sleep and Other Behavior Problems Linked to Food Additives

The Gold Mine Link!

\/  \/  \/ Below!

This next link has a gold mine of associations and links concerning MSG and multiple issues! The list on the right will direct you to what you need to know.

Russell Blaylock is my favorite Neuro Surgeon and he wrote : Excito Toxins the taste that kills!   so here is the Amazon review page of the book:

There are 117 review, 88 of which are 5 star. 7 of the reviews are 1 star and disparage the book and the author as a “nut job”.  You make up your mind who is the nut job. Is it Russell Blaylock? or is it the 1 star reviewers? Capeeche?

Just for the sake of the other evidence that MSG is a perfectly safe substance this guy will answer with his evidence all your questions on MSG and is complete safety:  If this guy is so sure, why does he not quote any evidence for his claims?   He just wants you to believe what he says without evidence.


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