About me. What is A practicing Hebrew. Does that mean I’m Jewish? No.

Edited 11/15/2013 5:41PM Sabbath has started a bit ago:  as I read what I wrote on the Television issue, I may have exaggerated on the way I got the message  to stop watching the television.   The events happened as written but the way God spoke to me  was more gentle. It was a realization that the message and understanding I had  been given from the Scripture is and was completely incompatible with the message of the media and the TV.   The TV fed the  Lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life and that became completely clear to me and so a decision had to be made as to whom I am going to serve, God or mammon.   I choose God.  Thank you.

Edited Gregorian Calendar 9/ 1/ 2013 6:06PM

Now that I have looked at a page or two of some of you other bloggers I am going to add a bit of info here:  I enjoy researching, and reading, writing,  ranting and raving,  and creating on the spot  melodies to the Psalms, I believe it is the Holy Ghost that gives me the melody, the tune, and the spacing.  I sing in tongues to melody. I collect copies of the Scripture, I focus on the King James Version older copies are my favorite, 50’s and earlier.  I work with my hands to eat and cloth my self.  The information I put out here is for the edification of the Body of the Messiah.  The more I grow into the Word, the more reason, logic and common sense I see in every aspect of the Logos.  I am studying Hebrew a bit, and can recognize the letters some what.  Very slow process of reading it.

I studied  and majored in religion in college, but the fact is I didn’t learn a thing worth knowing there.  I might even say it was a waste of time attending.  If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have wasted the time.  I was a functional illiterate, college educated no less.

Thank you again. Until next time, Dear Reader. [end of edit from 9/1 2013 6:20PM]

Originally what I wrote here is below:

I am a practicing Hebrew.  (For those of  you that don’t know what this means:) This means that I have determined that the Scripture is the Word of God, the Word of the Creator God, so I take it as a duty to obey the Word. It also means that I am rescinding contracts I have had with the state in the past. Including but not limited to Drivers license, voter license etc etc etc.

Does that mean I am perfect or that I have perfect understanding, I’d say, likely not. But it does mean that I am going to act on the understanding I have at the present to obey God and keep his commandments and this is a duty. A Duty in relation to God.  There is a higher standard here as opposed to a “requirement of man”. (In vain do they teach for commandments of God the doctrines of men.)

Acts 5: 29 is the key. The Buck Stops at God.

As I gather information out of the Scripture I will be learning and putting it together in an attempt to make sense out of the Word.  I will be using the Word to define the Word.   The first booklet I have written is about strangers  the fatherless and widows.

I use the KJV annotated. I know that there are many other versions of Scripture but  I am not particularly fond of them.  I use the KJV even though I don’t like the term ” The LORD” for YHWH.  But because I am  not convinced in my mind that  the other version are true accurate and correct I would rather use this version with known errors.    I have my reasons for this position, I hope you , Dear Reader, will continue to do your own research and come to your own conclusion. I am not saying I am right or wrong. I am only saying that at this point in my studies and in my life, I believe that KJV  annotated is for me the version I use.

Thank you for time, Dear Reader,  and this experience should be quite fun and enlightening for me, and I hope for you too.

One of the stories of my beginning in studying Scripture and starting this life as a practicing Hebrew is as follows.

One day I was moving and I ran cable into a storage building I was going to live in and The Creator told me to trash my TV. And I said to God, I don’t want to throw away my Television, I just paid a widow 349 dollars for it.  Then I said to God, Ok.  I won’t watch cable I’ll just watch DVDs. (Who doesn’t want to veg out in front of a TV after a day of working?)

So, I tried to get around the command I had received.  Well, I placed the TV on a rolling caster stand and I began rolling it across the room and about 1/2 way to the spot where I wanted to watch the TV the roller broke off, the TV came crashing down and landed and destroyed the DVD player. the TV was not damaged at all.  At that point, said “OK, Fine”.  And I put the TV on Craigslist and sold it for fifty dollars (50). I carried the TV down the stairs and loaded into the man’s car. And just before he drove away I remembered that I still had the remote so I ran up stairs and got the remote and made certain that he had all the parts.

By my obedience to God’s command to me to “keep my heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life” He has given me even more and more of his HOLY GHOST.

This obedience to the commandments is a daily journey. A daily picking up of a cross and “following the Messiah”.

That’s all I have for now.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for your time.

When I understood by reading Scripture that the Sabbath day is actually the 7th day of the week, I made a decision  to begin keeping the Sabbath on the 7th day instead of the 1st day of the week.  The Sabbath book I wrote came out of that experience. I have discovered that the understanding comes after obedience to the command.  He said, I shall be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son that keepeth the Sabbath.  That, Dear Reader, is truth.   https://hebrewofyhwh.wordpress.com/my-personal-sabbath-book/

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