Chapter 9: Health and Healing Issues for the Man of YHWH.

Pain Relief Solutions for Hebrews who don’t use Witchcraft/ Pharmaceuticals

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An Interview With Dr. Stanley Jacob: Discussing DMSO

An Interview With Dr. Stanley Jacob: Discussing DMSO
Shirley Kengla
University of Oregon Health Science Center • Eugene, OR

The doctor who pioneered the use of DMSO sits in his humble office while the phone rings repeatedly. People call from all over the world wanting information about this miracle drug. Meanwhile, Dr. Jacob ponders his own miracle, an intelligent daughter astounding teachers at her select high school. With unassuming humility, Dr. Jacob marvels at her accomplishments, unable to take responsibility for it or make any connections to his own remarkable history with DMSO.

The Doctor

Dr. Stanley Jacob, surgeon and researcher at Oregon Health Science University, believes in the power of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Any why shouldn’t he? He founded the use of DMSO for a wide range of uses, including the treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC). Dr. Jacob has also been swallowing a teaspoon of DMSO every day for the past 32 years, and hasn’t had a cold or flu during that time.

With years of research, numerous presentations and unflagging participation in FDA approval of DMSO behind him, Dr. Jacob could be thinking of retiring. He’s not. “I want to be the George Burns of medicine.” Dr. Jacob said. He still accepts new patients and particularly likes those no one else has been able to help. “The easy patients anyone can treat. It gives me a feeling of joy to take someone resistant to treatments and see the patient improve,” he said.


His technique for using DMSO has evolved over the years. It began when he became interested in using the substance to preserve animal tissue in freezing temperatures for transplantation. He learned the drug had many healing properties and explored ways to use it. In 1962, Dr. Jacob treated his first IC patient. He teamed up with the patient’s urologist to use DMSO intravesically, instilling a mixture, referred to as a “cocktail,” of heparin, cortisone, bicarbonate and a 15 percent concentration of DMSO into the bladder.

After finding the cocktail worked, he began increasing the dosage to 50 percent DMSO concentration. Dr. Jacob introduced his mixture to other urologists, who found DMSO to be the first thing that worked to improve bladder capacity for IC patients.In 1973 he monitored studies of 100 IC patients, a key to 1978 approval of the drug by the FDA. Dr. Jacob noted that the FDA had an open attitude at the time, but was a stickler on the package insert. Dr. Jacob, who wrote the DMSO insert, said it does not accurately indicate how DMSO should be used but rather reflects the struggle between scientists and the FDA.

What is the time scale for treatment?

Contrary to the insert, Dr. Jacob suggests trying DMSO for one year before giving up on it.

The Treatment

Many doctors still use the cocktail Dr. Jacob used the 70s, but Dr. Jacob developed a new approach that he said increased his patient improvement rate from 70 to 90 percent. Before inserting the DMSO intravesically, he uses DMSO as an intravenous drug.

“Almost everyone knows IC is a systemic disorder,” Dr. Jacob said. By injecting the DMSO directly into the bloodstream, DMSO can reach all of the patient’s organs. He uses strictly DMSO for his patients for the bladder instillations. He starts out with 25 percent concentrations of DMSO and builds up to 50 percent. Dr. Jacob, recognizing that pain is not always confined to the bladder in IC patients, uses DMSO as a topical agent for pain the perineal area.

Dr. Jacob does not put his patients on a rigid schedule. He administers DMSO as the patient requires it. To promote this approach, patients are taught how to do instillations themselves. They are instructed to hold the substance in their bladder for as long as the patient is comfortable, usually no more than 15 to 20 minutes. The length of time improves the benefit but is not worth the discomfort. For inserting the catheter, Dr. Jacob suggests using lidocaine or K-Y Jelly.

How does it work?

How does DMSO work? Dr. Jacob describes it as “the most potent free radical scavenger known to man.” He said, “Some molecules produce an unequal number of electrons. The instability of the number causes them to destroy cells. DMSO hooks on to those molecules and then leaves the body holding onto them.” In simpler terms, installed DMSO takes the bad guys out of the bladder when a patient excretes urine.

How safe is DMSO? DMSO is a natural substance present in water. DMSO is used to treat scar tissue and has antibacterial properties. Although women are advised not to use it during pregnancy–and Dr. Jacob agrees that pregnant women should avoid any substance–DMSO is used to preserve frozen human embryos. No organ system is damaged by it, Jacob said. DMSO can interfere with liver function tests and give a false reading. That problem is remedied by simply waiting a week after treatment to take the test.

How long can patients use it?

Long-term use has been documented as safe. Of patients that respond to DMSO, one out of three patients goes into a long-term remission after seven years. The rest continue to use DMSO indefinitely.

In reference to his years of exposure to the drug over the past 32 years, “I can say with certainty that I have no problems, health wise. I can’t say it is because of DMSO, but I can say I haven’t been hurt by it,” Dr. Jacob said. Dr. Jacob considers DMSO a therapeutic substance rather than a conventional medication. Since DMSO penetrates the skin, it can act as a carrier for other pharmacological substances. The current limits on DMSO use disappoint Dr. Jacob, who believes that US medical treatment has just scratched the surface of DMSO’s possibilities.


An example of those limits involves a derivative of DMSO, called DMS02. Dr. Jacob said this “interesting substance” gets away from the nuisance side effects (odor and bladder irritation) of DMSO. DMS02 is better tolerated by patients. Unfortunately, DMS02 does not have FDA approval, with no chance of getting it until well-documented studies can be done. Dr. Jacob estimates such studies would require about a million dollars.

Dr. Jacob believes DMS02 could change the lives of the hundreds of thousands of women and men who suffer from IC. Jacob worked with chemist Bob Herschler to develop DMS02. When FDA approval looked bleak, Herschler began selling the substance in a crystalline form as a food. Jacob said that DMS02 can be valuable by mouth for many diseases, but that IC patients do much better to take it into the bladder.

Further Studies

Dr. Jacob is currently serving as a consultant for a company that is studying the use of DMSO for catastrophic problems such as head injuries and AIDS. He has urged them to study the substance for IC, but the company is undercapitalized. He looks hopefully to the ICA as a source of funding for DMS02 studies.

“I really believe there is nothing out there now and or to be introduced over the next 25 years that compares to DMSO and its metabolite DMS02,” Dr. Jacob said.


Kengla, Shirley. “An Interview With Dr. Stanley Jacob: Discussing DMSO.” The Restroom Register, Winter, 1994.

DMSO Organization wishes to thank the publisher for allowing this interview to be placed on our World Wide Web site. The publisher retains the copyright. If you wish to copy any portion of this interview, please obtain permission from the publisher.

Just wanted to put some notes up here on my experiences with DMSO gel, DMSO liquid, and Capsacisn, glycerine( Kosher).

As a Practicing Hebrew, I don’t use pharmaceuticals,  so these natural solutions are quite valuable with almost no side affects.


Back to Eden Jethro Klos

DMSO: The persecuted Drug ( this is an old book which I would like to get my hands on) I read it once and it is quite enlightening on the issue of DMSO.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide Gel Make sure it is Pyrogen free, and  Acetone Free, ( it will say it on the label).

DMSO: A God made solution-  If you click on this link you will find Bulletin #106 Data on DMSO

This is  a data compilation of DMSO. I find especially interesting that the Bulletin #106

I apply it to my back and any joints that  hurt.

It works for relief of pain and it works quite quickly.

Also, the extract of the Cayenne pepper applied to pain full areas also works.

I have been extracting my own and putting it in bottles for my personal use. I also add a bit of DMSO liquid to it sometimes or I use glycerine.  These together act like heat pads and feel wonderful.   The glycerine helps to add moisture to the cayenne extract and it keeps the capsaicin active as long as possible.

Use cooler water in the bath tub or shower as during application  the skin becomes very sensitive to hot water where ever it is applied.

I have drank Dr. jacob’s DMSO in distilled water and it helps .
I have used it topically to eliminate cold sores proactively.

Back pain disappears

Muscells relax ,

neck pain solved.

This DMSO is very useful and is very cheap .  Don’t get industrial grade and make sure it is 99.9 pure at 70 Percent concentration diluted with distilled water.

Do an search for information on Dr. Stanley Jacobs  or check out has some good info and other’s testimonies.

I witnessed a man that could barely walk due to pain that he described as 8/9 on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being very much pain)  walk after applying DMSO to his hip and knee. He did a jump and landed upon his feet. He said to me, “Watch this” before doing the jump.

Some more info:

Cut and paste from this site is:

Alternative Medicine Site

BellaOnline’s Alternative Medicine Editor


Cayenne Pepper-Remedies

One of the most useful botanical remedies for pain relief is capsaicin the principal active ingredient of cayenne pepper. Capsaicin has been shown to be effective for easing pain caused by arthritis and nerve conditions when applied topically as a cream, ointment or ingested as a capsule.

Cayenne pepper and arthritis
When cayenne is taken into the body on a regular basis, the main constituent, the fiery capsaicin does several things:

1) It blocks the supply of NGF; (a unique protein called nerve growth factor (NGF) helps produce a hormone known as substance P (SP), which transmits all pain signals throughout the body to the brain quickly).

2) It causes a massive release of SP from the hypothalamus, which at first increases arthritic pain but later diminishes quite a bit.

3) By producing such a depletion of SP from the hypothalamus, pain signals no longer are able to get to the brain.

The first noticeable result is the feeling of no pain in those with arthritis. As a bonus, the pepper is said to boost the production of endorphins, the natural painkillers produced by the body after exercise.

The recommended dosage for effective pain relief from arthritis is approximately 2 capsules, three to four times a day with milk or apple juice. This must be done on a regular, consistent basis in order for benefits to be felt. Don’t worry about the early increases in pain; it will diminish soon enough, leaving your body relatively pain free before long.

Cayenne pepper and blood sugar levels
If you’re diabetic an average of 3 capsules of capsaicin will help bring down high blood sugar levels. If you’re just the opposite and hypoglycemic, you might want to avoid cayenne pepper, both in food and in most herbal formulas, too. Report in the West Indian Medical Journal (Vol. 31. pp. 194-197)

Lowers cholesterol
When you are consuming any kind of greasy food, be sure to drink an 8 oz glass of tomato juice that has 1.8 tsp, of cayenne pepper and some squeeze lemon juice in it, when eating any greasy meals.

Cayenne pepper and blood clots
The New England Journal of Medicine reported that residents of Thailand have virtually no blood clot problems because of their frequent consumption of cayenne pepper. If you use capsaicin on a regular basis it is an almost guarantee to keep your blood pretty thin and moving fairly good as a rule. About 2 capsules a day is good for general health maintenance.

Cayenne pepper can stop bleeding quickly
For any sudden gash, nick, or serious cut, just apply enough cayenne pepper to the injury until the bleeding stops.

Cayenne pepper for ulcers
How could something so hot help something so painful and sensitive as a stomach ulcers? Well, the consumption of capsaicin stimulates the stomach to release more mucous that coats the walls of the intestines, including sore, bleeding ulcers. Suggestion is to take 1 capsule 2 to 3 times daily with meals.

Colds and flu
Many of our grandmothers relied on a pinch of cayenne pepper and a finely chopped garlic clove in a bowl of hot chicken soup (use organic chickens) as the best way to fight the aches, pain and fever from a colds and flu. Chicken soup is often recommended by doctors to take the place of antibiotics.

Stuffy sinuses
Cayenne pepper will get the body’s fluids flowing, which in turns works to drain stuffy sinuses. Even tiny airways leading in and out of the lungs will open up a bit. Sprinkle cayenne powder or a drop or two of liquid extract into your favorite soup for a spicy therapy.

Cayenne pepper and vitamin C
Cayenne also seems to work well with vitamin C. An Old Amish herb remedy called super C has cayenne, ginger and vitamin A in with vitamin C, to make it more potent.

Cold feet
First put on a thin layer of socks. Grab a second thicker pair of socks and put in one teaspoon of cayenne pepper sprinkled into each sock. Your soles will appreciate the warmth.

Circulation problems
You can chase away the winter chills with a seasoned bath. Stir a teaspoon or two of cayenne pepper into your bath. The oils in cayenne will generate heat in the water, which could make the bath too hot to handle if mixed with very warm water.

Cayenne pepper for fibromyalgia
Capsaicin can also benefit people with fibromyalgia studies have found that topical application of capsaicin cream resulted in a noticeable reduction in pain as well as improved grip strength. Some people experienced a temporary but insignificant burning sensation following application of the cream. You can also use cayenne pepper topical cream for arthritis.

This information is for informational purpose only and is not intended to replace the care or advice of a physician.

The next site is:

TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter  Oct. 1998 Vol. I No. 8
Compiled & Edited by Tom Harrelson
Revised 6/24/13

NOTE: Please CLICK ON a Link (light green) for MORE Information on that particular Topic!
The “INCURABLES” PROGRAM consists generally of Juice Fasting for the first 30 days or more with a MINIMUM of a Gallon of PURE Water, Fruit, & Vegetable Juices per Day, plus DAILY use of SuperFood and Intestinal Formulas #1 & #2 + Colon Cleansing. Also do the 5 Day Liver/Gall Bladder Flushes DAILY and 3-6 tsp. per day of Cayenne Pepper Tincture. Plus, do the 5 Day Kidney/Bladder Flush every other week. Start out by taking the Cayenne Pepper Tincture very SLOWLY and work your way up. Also, do Castor Oil Packs. LAST, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, DO the HOT & COLD Showers DAILY for SURE!
Preferably use ONLY WILDCRAFTED &/or ORGANIC Ingredients in the following Formulae!


1. Cut-to-Size Cotton or Wool Flannel Strips (1 or 2 Layers thick) to be used over the Liver, Thymus, and Spleen Areas.
2. Take 1 Flannel Strip and place on Top of a slightly LARGER Plastic Sheet.
3. Take this Flannel Strip/Plastic Sheet Combination and place it on Top of a Heating Pad.
4. Take RAW ORGANIC Castor Oil, that has been stored in the Refrigerator, and pour 1/4 Cup over the Flannel.
5. Squeeze the Flannel Strips to evenly distribute the Castor Oil throughout.
6. Lift-up the Flannel Strip, Plastic Sheet, and the Heating Pad together.
7. Apply this Castor Oil Pack against the AFFECTED Area of the Body to be treated.
8. Wrap a large Bath Towel around the Body and over the Castor Oil Pack and pin it in place.
9. Turn up the Heat as HIGH as you can tolerate and leave the Castor Oil Pack in place for 1 Hour.
10. Wash the Flannel THOROUGHLY afterwards in a Solution of 1/4 cup Baking Soda and 2 Quarts of very WARM Water.
11. Squeeze the Flannel THOROUGHLY to get the Castor Oil out COMPLETELY and then rinse it in CLEAR Warm Water.
12. Allow the Flannel to DRY, after rinsing it THOROUGHLY or you can use it MOIST for the NEXT Treatment.
13. Do HOT & COLD Showers daily over the AFFECTED Area involved.
14. DEEPLY massage the AFFECTED Area daily, during the HOT & COLD Showers.
15. Continue this Treatment, until the AFFECTED Area is COMPLETELY HEALED.
NOTE: Also include the following suggested Schedule: Monday – 1 hour over the Liver. Wednesday – 1 hour over the Thymus. Friday – 1 hour over the Spleen. When the Castor Oil Treatment is finished, the Oil Pack is REMOVED and a DRY Coarse Cloth is used to massage the Oil, remaining on the Skin into the Body. Be SURE to store the Castor Oil in the Refrigerator, thus ensuring that you will NOT absorb ANY RANCID Oils into your Body, which would then UNDERMINE your Efforts to becoming HEALTHY AGAIN!


NOTE: Parts EQUALS Volume, and NOT Weight in the following Tincture Method. Modify this procedure by using DRIED Herbs ONLY, if FRESH Herbs are NOT AVAILABLE, and when making other Herbal Tinctures also. Also if you want to make a SUPER-POTENT Tincture (i.e. – Cayenne Pepper & Lobelia Seed Pod – see below), then allow the Mixture to sit for a FULL 3 Months!
1. Start to make this and ANY Tincture, if possible, on a NEW Moon.
2. Take a Quart Canning Jar and fill it 1/4 FULL with DRIED Cayenne Peppers, getting the HOTTEST ones (i.e. – Habanero, African Bird, Serrano, Jalapeno – 200,000+ Heat Units), that you can obtain.
3. Add ONLY enough 50% Grain Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka) to COVER the Cayenne Peppers, which have been chopped FINE, using a Blender or Grinder.
4. Use enough FRESH Cayenne Peppers, that you can blend with 50% Grain Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka) to turn the Mixture into an Apple Sauce-Like Consistency.
NOTE: If you can’t find 100 Proof Grain Alcohol, then use 190 Proof Grain Alcohol and dilute it by 50% with Distilled Water.
5. Add this Mixture to the 1st Mixture, filling up the Canning Jar 3/4 FULL.
6. Fill up the rest of the Canning Jar with MORE 50% Grain Alcohol.
7. Shake it as MANY times as possible, during the Day.
8. Let this Mixture sit, until the following FULL Moon (15-16 Days), but OPTIMALLY until the following NEW Moon (28-29 Days)!
9. Strain this Mixture through an UNBLEACHED Coffee Filter.
10. Bottle the RESULTING Tincture.
11. Take 2-3 dropperfuls – 3-4 times per day, when needed.

Brain Tincture:

1. Use the above Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method with 3 parts – Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, 1 part – Rosemary Leaf, 1 part – Gotu Kola Herb, 1 part – Calamus Root, 1 part – Kola Nut and 1 part – Cayenne Pepper.
2. Take 2-3 Dropperfuls – 3-4 times per Day, if needed.

Cholesterol, Circulation &/or Blood Pressure Tincture:

1. Use the above Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method with 3 parts – Red Clover Blossoms, 2 parts – Garlic, 1 part – Ginger Root and 1 part – Cayenne Pepper.
2. Take 2-3 Dropperfuls – 3-4 times per Day, if needed.

Heart Tincture:

1. Use the above Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method with 3 parts – Hawthorn Berry, Flower & Leaf, 1 part – Red Clover Blossoms, 1 part – Garlic Bulb, 1 part – Cactus Grandiflorus Stem, 1 part – Motherwort, 1 part – Cayenne Pepper and 1 part – Ginger Root.
2. Take 2-3 Dropperfuls – 3-4 times per Day, if needed.

Lobelia Tincture:

NOTE: Herbal Tinctures are usually made with Grain Alcohol ONLY, but Lobelia Seed Pods have some Constituents, which are soluble in Grain Alcohol ONLY and some Constituents, which are soluble in Vinegar ONLY.

1. Use the above Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method with enough DRIED Lobelia Seed Pods, 1 part – Organic RAW Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (i.e.-Bragg’s) and 1 part – Grain Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka).
2. Take 2-3 dropperfuls – 3-4 times per Day, if needed.
NOTE: An OVERDOSE of Lobelia Seed Pod Tincture is NOT DANGEROUS, but causes SLIGHT Sweating and Nausea. In fact, it can be used as an Emetic to promote VOMITING, if a TOXIC substance is swallowed, except if it’s CAUSTIC, then Activated Charcoal Powder should be taken in the form of a Slurry!


1. Take EQUAL amounts of Cayenne Pepper, Lobelia Seeds, Garlic Juice, Burdock Root, Poke Root, Golden Seal Root, Yellow Dock Root and Oregon Grape Root.
2. Add 2 parts each of Chaparral Herb & Resin, plus 2 parts each of Red Clover Blossoms.
3. Mix these Ingredients together.
4. Make a Tincture with these mixed Ingredients, according to the above Tincture Method.
5. Take 4 – 12 Dropperfuls (35 drops each) of this Tincture daily.
NOTE: Please be SURE that the Red Clover Blossoms are DEEP violet/purple color, since this is the EXACT Color that the Blossoms have, when they are at their PEAK! If they are Brown in color, when you buy or pick them, then the Blood-Cleansing Chemicals are basically GONE!


1. Take 7 parts – FRESH Echinacea Augustifolia Root, 1 part – FRESH chopped Garlic, 1 part – Pau D’Arco Inner Bark, 1 part – Siberian Ginseng Root and 1 part – Habanero Peppers. .
2. Make a Tincture, using the Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method (see above).
3. Take 2 Droppersful, 3-6 times per Day for 2 weeks for SERIOUS Immune System Problems.
4. REST 1 Week.
5. REPEAT Steps 3 & 4.


NOTE: The first Garlic Poultice (see Steps 1 & 2 below) will usually BURN-OFF SMALL Abnormal Growths within a FEW Days and the next MORE POWERFUL Garlic Poultice (see Steps 1 – 12 below) can be used for ANY External Cancer Growths or the Ones which you can feel through the Skin. These Growths will usually PEEL OFF within 1-3 weeks.
Apply RAW Aloe Vera Gel to the treated area afterwards to MINIMIZE scarring and to PROMOTE healing.

1. Make a SIMPLE Garlic Poultice by taping a sliced half of a Medium-to-Large ORGANIC Garlic Clove – WET side down) over a Boil, Mole, Wart, or even a TINY CANCER Spot.
2. Do it 2 – 3 times per Day, changing the Garlic Clove each time with a FRESH Piece.

1. Put the following Ingredients in a Blender: 2 – 4 Cloves of Organic Garlic, 1 HEAPING Handful – FRESH (or Dried) Red Clover Blossoms, 1/2 Cup – FRESH (or Dried) Chaparral Leaf, 1/4 cup – FRESH grated Poke Root (or 1/3 cup – Dried Poke Root Powder), 2 tbls. – Golden Seal Root Powder, 2 tbls. – Activated Charcoal Powder, 1 tsp. – Tea Tree Oil, 1 cup – Bentonite Clay, 1 cup – Slippery Elm Inner Bark Powder (“GLUE”, that holds ALL of the other ingredients together).
2. Put ALL of these Ingredients into a Blender.
3. Add enough 50/50 Solution of Distilled Water and RAW Apple Cider Vinegar (preferably Bragg’s) to make a Paste.
4. Add at least 1 oz. – Bloodroot Tincture (made with the Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method above) per 8 oz. of Liquid.
5. Blend WELL.
6. Apply this Paste on ALL kinds of Cancer (above and below the surface) at Night.
7. Wash-off the Garlic Poultice in the Morning, during the HOT & COLD Showers.
8. Massage RAW Castor Oil DEEP into the AFFECTED Area.
9. Apply another Garlic Poultice at Noon for the rest of the Day until Night-Time
10. Wash-off the Poultice with the HOT & COLD Shower.
11. Reapply the Garlic Poultice again before going to Bed.
12. Continue this Treatment until the AFFECTED Area is COMPLETELY HEALED.
NOTE: For a Tumor resting just below the Skin or starting to BREAK through the Skin, you should use 1 ENTIRE – Organic Garlic Bulb (at least 12 LARGE peeled Cloves). And if there is Bleeding involved, then add 1 tbs. of Cayenne Pepper Powder or 5 – 10 dropperfuls of Cayenne Pepper Tincture.
The “INCURABLES” Program should also be done as the FOUNDATION with the Garlic Poultice as the SPECIFIC. And be FOREWARNED, this Formula is VERY INTENSE!


1. Mix together the following Ingredients: 1 heaping tbl. of Golden Seal root (finely powdered), Yellow Dock (finely powdered), Cayenne Pepper Powder, and FRESHLY grated Poke Root, plus 6 Droppersful (200 drops) – Tea Tree Oil, & Coconut Oil (enough to make this Mixture into pie-dough consistency).
NOTE: Coconut Oil can be made into a liquid consistency (since it is in a SOLID form at room temperature) by putting the jar in a pot of warm water.
2. Form this Mixture by rolling it back and forth between the Palms of your Hands, making 12 Large or 24 Medium Suppositories.
3. Place them on a Glass Plate into the Freezer, until you NEED them.


1. Take 2 parts – Curacao and Cape Aloe Leaf (and if NOT available, then use 1 part – Buckthorn Bark or 2 parts – Turkey Rhubarb Root), 1 part – Senna Leaves and Pods (start with 1/2 part), 1 part – Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark (start with 1/2 part), 1 part – Barberry Root Bark, 1 part – Ginger Root (or Peppermint Leaf or Fennel), 1 part – Garlic Bulb (or Golden Seal Root), & 1 part – Cayenne Pepper (the HOTTEST is the BEST).
2. Put these Ingredients together into Capsules.
3. Take 1 Capsule to see if your Bowels MOVE POWERFULLY, but if 1 is NOT enough, then keep INCREASING the Dosage by 1 Capsule MORE, until the DESIRED Results are achieved.
NOTE: This Formula #1 causes the Colon to MOVE, even if the Nerves to the Colon are DAMAGED or NON-EXISTENT! It also STRENGTHENS the Walls of the Small Intestine, DESTROYS Candida Albicans overgrowth, DESTROYS and EXPELS Parasites, and RELIEVES Gas and Cramps.


1. Take 2 parts – Flax Seed, 2 parts – Apple Fruit Pectin, 2 parts – Bentonite Clay, 7 parts – Psyllium Seeds with Husks (whole), 1 part – Slippery Elm Inner Bark Powder, 1 part – Marshmallow Root, 1 part – Peppermint Leaf, and 1 part – Activated Charcoal Powder.
2. Mix these Ingredients together.
3. Take 1 HEAPING tsp. and mix with 4-6 oz. of FRESH Juice.
4. Drink an additional 8-16 oz. of Water, after consuming the Juice Mixture.
5. Do 5 times per Day, REPEATING Steps 3 & 4.
NOTE: Make Intestinal Formulas #1 & #2, even if you are MISSING an Ingredient or two. Formula #2 should be used together with Formula #1 above. It will pull OLD Fecal Matter off the Walls of your Colon and out of ANY Bowel Pockets. It will also DRAW-OUT Parasites, Poisons, Toxins, Heavy Metals, and even Radioactive Materials. Formula #2 will actually REMOVE over 4,000 known Chemicals and Drug Residues.


1. Take 16-32 oz. – Distilled Water, 1 – FRESHLY squeezed Lemon, 1 – FRESHLY squeezed Lime, 1 pinch – Cayenne Pepper, and enough Maple Syrup for Taste Preference (optional).
2. Blend these Ingredients together.
3. Drink this Kidney Flush EARLY in the Morning on an EMPTY Stomach.
4. Drink the following Kidney/Bladder Tea plus Tincture Combination 15 minutes afterwards.


1. Take 2 parts – Juniper Berries, 1 part – Uva Ursi Leaves, 1 part – Dandelion Leaf and 1 part – Kidney Bean Pods.
2. Add 1 part of ANY or ALL of the following Herbs, which are AVAILABLE: Corn Silk, Parsley Root or Leaf, Carrot Tops and Watermelon Seed and Rind.
3. Pour 16 oz. of Boiling Distilled Water over 1 rounded tablespoon of this Herbal Tea Blend.
4. Allow to steep.
5. Add 1 dropperful of the following Kidney/Bladder Tincture to each cup of this Herbal Tea.
6. Drink 1 – 2 cups of this Kidney/Bladder Tea/Tincture Combination in the EARLY Afternoon and EARLY Evening.


1. Follow the Cayenne Tincture Method above and make a Tincture, using the following Proportions and Herbs: 2 parts – Juniper Berries, 1 part – Corn Silk, 1 part – Uva Ursi Leaves, 1 part – Horsetail Herb and 1 part – Burdock Root.
2. Add 1 part also of ANY or ALL of the following Herbs, which are AVAILABLE: Pipsissewa Leaf and Goldenrod Flower Tops.
3. Take 1 to 2 dropperfuls (35 to 70 drops) 3 to 4 times daily. BEST results are obtained, if used for 3 to 5 days consecutively and along with the Kidney/Bladder Detox Tea.


1. Take 8 oz. – FRESHLY squeezed Orange Juice (or substitute Apple Juice), 8oz . – Distilled Water, 1 – Garlic Clove, 1 inch piece – FRESH Ginger Root, 1 – FRESHLY squeezed Lemon, & 1 tbl. – ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2. Blend these Ingredients together.
3. Drink this Liver Flush EARLY in the Morning on an EMPTY Stomach.


1. Follow the Cayenne Tincture Method above and make a Tincture, using the following Proportions and Herbs: 8 parts – Milk Thistle Seed, and 1 part each – Dandelion Root and Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Gentian Root, Wormwood Leaf and Flower, Black Walnut Hulls, Ginger Root, Garlic Bulb and Sweet Fennel Seed.
2. Take 2 Dropperfuls (70 drops) 4-5 times daily for 1 week.


1. Take EQUAL amounts of Roasted Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Pau D’Arco Inner Bark, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamon Seed, Licorice Root, Carob Pods, Sassafras Root Bark, Fennel Seed, Juniper Berries, Ginger Root, Clove Buds, Black Peppercorns, Uva Ursi Leaves, Horsetail Herb, Orange Peel, and Parsley Root.
2. Mix these Ingredients together.
3. Make an Herbal Tea and allowing it to STEEP for 5 minutes.
NOTE: MOST EFFECTIVE, if used in conjunction with the Liver/Gallbladder and Anti-Parasite Tonic in the FIVE DAY LIVER/GALL BLADDER FLUSH PROGRAM.
4. Drink 2 cups of the Tea consumed 15 minutes, after doing your Liver/GallBladder Flush Drink. It can also be drunk at ANY other time as MANY Cups as desired.
NOTE: CLICK HERE for MORE Information about Dosage.


This is a GREAT tasting addition to your Cleansing Program. It will FLUSH your Body of TOXINS, Poisons and UNWANTED Salts and Acids, while giving you a CONCENTRATED amount of Vitamins and Minerals.
1. Fill a LARGE pot with 25% Potato peelings, 25% Carrot peelings and WHOLE chopped Beets, 25% chopped Onions, including 50 cloves of Garlic, 25% Celery and DARK Greens.
2. Add HOT Peppers to taste.
3. Add enough Distilled Water to cover the Vegetables and simmer on very LOW temperature for 1-2 hours.
4. Strain, or just dip your mug in, and drink ONLY the Broth.
5. Make enough for 2 days, refrigerating the leftover Broth.
NOTE: Put the Vegetables in your Compost. It is IMPORTANT, that you use ORGANIC Vegetables, because you do NOT want to consume ANY Toxic Insecticides, Pesticides or Inorganic Chemical Fertilizers, while you’re doing a Cleansing and Detoxification Program!
NOTE: Since the Potassium Broth is a POWERFUL Electrolyte BALANCER, it must to be taken by SICK People ONLY, otherwise the Electrolytes, but especially Potassium, will QUICKLY become OUT-OF-BALANCE in the Body!

SuperFood Plus:

1. Take EQUAL Parts of Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, Rose Hips, Orange and Lemon Peels, plus NON-ACTIVE Nutritional Yeast.
NOTE: Another version can be made with 20% Spirulina & Chlorella, 10% Dulse & Kelp, 20% Alfalfa, Wheat Grass & Barley Grass, 15% Beet & Spinach, 10% Rose Hips & Citrus Peels, plus 25% NON-ACTIVE Nutritional Yeast.
2. Mix these Ingredients together.
3. Blend 2 tbls. with 8 oz. of Juice (AVOID Citrus, if skin is DRY) and 8 oz. of Distilled Water.
4. Drink this Mixture ONCE in the Morning and ONCE in the Evening.
NOTE: Parts EQUALS Volume, and NOT Weight.


1. Start this Procedure on the NEW Moon.
2. Take 1 part – FRESH chopped ORGANIC Garlic Cloves (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-Parasitic), 1 part – FRESH chopped Onions (HOTTEST available – similar to Garlic), 1 part – FRESH grated Ginger Root (Circulation – Extremities), 1 part – FRESH grated Horseradish Root (Circulation – Head), and 1 part – FRESH chopped Cayenne Peppers (HOTTEST Habenero available – Super Blood Stimulant).
NOTE: Part EQUALS Volume, NOT Weight in this Tincture Method. Use a Blender to chop up each of the Ingredients VERY FINE!
3. Find a Glass Jar large enough and fill it 3/4 FULL with these Ingredients.
4. Fill the Glass Jar to the Top with RAW Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg’s or Spectrum Naturals).
5. Let it sit until the FULL Moon (15-16 Days) or the NEXT NEW Moon (28-29 Days – OPTIMAL)
6. Shake it as MANY times during the Day as possible.
7. Topping it off with MORE Vinegar, when NEEDED.
8. Strain this Mixture through an UNBLEACHED Coffee Filter.
9. Take at least 1 oz. 3 times per day (drink, gargle and swallow), when you have a Cold or Flu.
NOTE: If you have a SERIOUS ILLNESS, including a PLAGUE DISEASE, then you should combine the following ingredients: 1 oz. SuperTonic, 2 oz. Echinacea Plus, 16 oz. Distilled Water and 16 oz. Apple Juice. You should drink Dr. Schulze’s HERBAL BLITZ throughout the day, having consumed ALL of it by the END of that day. On the 2nd day, you should combine and drink the following ingredients: 1/2 oz. SuperTonic, 1 oz. Echinacea Plus, 16 oz. Distilled Water and 16 oz. Apple Juice. Continue to do the same on the 3rd day, if needed.



The site is:

There are many more sites: Here is one more address to check out.  Good stuff.

Here is some information about capsaicin from a website with   permission/license  granted  with the link and reference to his page:

And the Cut and paste class I aced in the Edu-(big) Mac- Acation I use those skills again:

General Chemistry Online: Fire and Spice

v:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}
o:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}
w:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);}
.shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}


Most (though not all) of the hot in hot peppers comes from capsaicin and a closely related compound, dihydrocapsaicin. It occurs in much lower quantities in oregano, cinnamon, and cilantro.

The compound’s molecular weight is the highest of any of the vanilloids we’ve looked at so far, and the side chain contains a polar amide (-NHCO-) group. That makes capsaicin’s volatility very low, and it is completely odorless. (A very good thing!)

Even without a telltale fragrance, capsaicin’s presence in foods is hard to miss. A solution that contains only 10 parts per million produces a persistent burning sensation when placed on the tongue. It is tasteable at much lower concentrations. The intense flavor results from the molecule’s long hydrocarbon tail. The chain allows it to bind very strongly with its lipoprotein receptor, which has some hydrocarbon side chains of its own (like dissolves like!) The fatty tail also allows the molecule to slip through lipid-rich cell membranes, making the burn more pervasive and persistent.

Several capsaicin-like compounds found in chiles have slight structural variations in the hydrocarbon tail, which changes their ability to bind to the receptors and their ability to penetrate layers of receptors on the tongue, mouth, and throat. That may explain why some chiles burn in the mouth, while others burn deep in the throat.

The perception that peppers are “hot” is not an accident. The capsaicin key opens a door in the cell membrane that allows calcium ions to flood into the cell. That ultimately triggers a pain signal that is transmitted to the next cell. When the cells are exposed to heat, the same events occur. Chile burns and heat burns are similar at the molecular, cellular, and sensory levels.

One expects that the long hydrocarbon tail will make capsaicin less water soluble than vanillin. This is indeed the case. Capsaicin is insoluble in cold water, but freely soluble in alcohol and vegetable oils. This is why drinking water after munching an habanero pepper won’t stop the burning. A cold beer is the traditional remedy, but the small percentage of alcohol will not wash away much capsaicin. For relief from a chile burn, peppersand_capsaicin.html”>drink milk. Milk contains casein, a lipophilic (fat-loving) substance that surrounds and washes away the fatty capsaicin molecules in much the same way that soap washes away grease.

High concentrations are toxic. Exposure is painful and even incapacitating. Capsaicin prevents nerve cells from communicating with each other by blocking the production of certain neurotransmitters; at high concentrations it destroys the cells! Capsaicin’s toxicity makes chiles more than just a food- they’re also a weapon. The Mayans burned chiles to create a stinging smoke screen, and threw gourds filled with pepper extract in battle. Nowadays, capsaicin is the active ingredient in andEconomy/Companies/Weapons/PersonalDefense/PepperSpray/”> pepper sprays, used to ward off attacking muggers, dogs, and bears.

Paradoxically, capsaicin’s ability to cause pain makes it useful in alleviating pain. Exposure to capsaicin lowers sensitivity to pain, and it is applied as a counter irritant in the treatment of arthritis and other chronically painful conditions.

People that eat lots of spicy capsaicin-rich foods build up a tolerance to it. The incentive: a small jolt of capsaicin excites the nervous system into producing endorphins, which promote a pleasant sense of well-being. The endorphin lift makes spicy foods mildly addictive (and for some, an obsession)


For Dogs too: DMSO and Dogs problems. Research this for  your self.


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