Chapter 3: Dealing with Enemies YHWH’s way! :)

Chapter 3: Dealing with Enemies YHWH’s way!

Titles of the Law of YHWH

Article I.   The Scriptural Law concerning how to deal with enemies

Article II.  The Vengeance Law

(a)How to deal with your enemies in accordance with the Law of God: forgiveness is Critical to this law. We can not ignore the injunctions of the Sovereign and expect to out wit the Creator God. We have  to forgive and do so from the heart as fast as possible.

Article III. The issue of righting wrongs using status of an Ambassador of YHWH:

— Prohibition of using the pagan court system to right wrongs


As one lives under this law of God people may take advantage of you because of the truly and sincerely held religious belief that you don’t use the pagan legal system to right wrongs (that would be the civil court system that is now corrupted enforcing and permitting criminals to be guilt free and the innocent to be condemned).

So it is essential that the man of YHWH understand how the Creator’s system of law operates so that he not lose faith ( fid- trust) in the operation of God’s law.

First order of business is the injunction that issues be brought to the attention of the Creator.

It must be clear who the Judge is.

It must be clear upon whom the Ambassador relies for his authority.

Who is the Sovereign of the Ambassador of YHWH?

Where is this Sovereign?

The Sovereign is currently in Exile.    New information from Isaiah: the Sovereign God is NOT in exile. His law is in operation now and forever.   Edited 2/1 2014  Now that Messiah as come and died and resurrecteed, This is His Kindom. Those that are alive in Christ are living in his rulership, those that are dead/ ie. pagans, the heathen, are dead but subjuct to the Wrath of God and get the  punishment inroder to bring them back to God. –end of edit.

The Pleading system to be heard

The Set up of the Tabernacle of God:  The set up of the house of God for a guide in pleading and prayer

(i)Pleading for ambassadors

(ii)The law on whom to fear

(iii)The law on trusting God

(iv)The Pleading for Ambassadors of YHWH

(v)The Set up of the Tabernacle of God for a guide in pleading and prayer

Article V.  Prohibition of using the pagan court system

(i)What to do if you are subpoenaed into court

(ii)Answering the complaint

(iii)Other issues

Article VI. Humility requirement in God’s eyes

The Sovereign’s laws have been rejected by the people:

Luke 19:14 KJV+

(14)ButG1161hisG846citizensG4177hatedG3404him,G846andG2532sentG649a messageG4242afterG3694him,G846saying,G3004We will notG3756haveG2309thisG5126manto reignG936overG1909us.G2248


And recorded in 1st Samuel 8 the initiation of the rejection of the Sovereignty of YHWH.

Change your king and your law changes.   

However, in the case of God’s laws, God’s laws are permanent, they never change. Like the law of gravity.

It doesn’t matter what any one thinks about the law of gravity, it operates regardless of opinion.

This means that although man’s laws make legal that which God has made unlawful such as abortion and sodomy/ homosexuality the penalty for these behaviors are still in full force and effect.

Man can not eliminate the penalties for breaking God’s laws.

All that man can do to abrogate God’s Divine laws is legislate into existence by his own sovereigns new laws that are enforced by man, i.e. the State government.

Quick summary:

Isaiah 49:25-26 KJV+ ButH3588 thusH3541 saithH559 the LORD,H3068 EvenH1571 the captivesH7628 of the mightyH1368 shall be taken away,H3947 and the preyH4455 of the terribleH6184 shall be delivered:H4422 for IH595 will contend withH7378 him that contendeth withH3401 thee, and IH595 will saveH3467 thy children.H1121(26) And I will feedH398 (H853) them that oppressH3238 thee with(H853) their own flesh;H1320 and they shall be drunkenH7937 with their own blood,H1818 as with sweet wine:H6071 and allH3605 fleshH1320 shall knowH3045 thatH3588 IH589 the LORDH3068am thy SaviourH3467 and thy Redeemer,H1350 the mighty OneH46 of Jacob.H3290

How are we to deal with our enemies? We are to trust Him to deal with our enemies. This Sabbath 9/29/2012 YHWH  has spoken to me in a dream and chastised me on my speech. We must keep our tongue with diligence among the wicked and those injuring me or speaking hurtful things against me. Leave the problem in His Almighty hand. Almighty Loving YHWH will deal with me and deal with them, do not do it your self.

Humble yourself in the Sight of Almighty Loving YHWH and he shall lift you up.

Our job is to forgive and love our enemies and those that hurt us and are wicked to us. This must be the most difficult command in the Scripture because it is so contrary to natural instinct.

Let God and let not my enemies chastise me, for He is righteous and just.

Vengeance is mine I will repay saith Almighty loving YHWH.

(Deuteronomy 32:35 KJV+) To me belongeth vengeance,H5359 and recompence;H8005 their footH7272 shall slideH4131 in due time:H6256 forH3588 the dayH3117 of their calamityH343is at hand,H7138 and the things that shall comeH6264 upon them make haste.H2363


The key is just keep living in line with His Word/Logos/Commandment and He will take care of the rest.

Our job is to love our enemies. We are not to take our enemies to court before the unbelieving pagans and the magistrates of the civil law.

We may not be the plaintiff in an action against someone but we may be permitted to be defendant if required if brought into court.

Luke 12:11-12 KJV+AndG1161whenG3752they bringG4374youG5209untoG1909theG3588synagogues,G4864andG2532untomagistrates,G746andG2532powers,G1849take ye no thoughtG3309 G3361howG4459orG2228what thingG5101ye shall answer,G626orG2228whatG5101ye shall say:G2036(12)ForG1063theG3588HolyG40GhostG4151shall teachG1321youG5209inG1722theG3588sameG846hourG5610whatG3739ye oughtG1163to say.G2036

Suffering for Righteousness’ sake is a good thing for us.

1 Peter 3:12-15 KJV+ ForG3754 theG3588 eyesG3788 of the LordG2962are overG1909 the righteous,G1342 andG2532 hisG846 earsG3775are open untoG1519 theirG846 prayers:G1162 butG1161 the faceG4383 of the LordG2962is againstG1909 them that doG4160 evil.G2556(13) AndG2532 whoG5101is he that will harmG2559 you,G5209 ifG1437 ye beG1096 followersG3402 of that which is good?G18(14) ButG235 andG2532 ifG1487 ye sufferG3958 for righteousness’ sake,G1223 G1343 happyG3107are ye: andG1161 be not afraidG5399 G3361 of theirG846 terror,G5401 neitherG3366 be troubled;G5015(15) ButG1161 sanctifyG37 the LordG2962 GodG2316 inG1722 yourG5216 hearts:G2588 andG1161be readyG2092 alwaysG104 to give an answerG4314 G627 to every manG3956 that askethG154 youG5209 a reasonG3056 ofG4012 theG3588 hopeG1680 that is inG1722 youG5213 withG3326 meeknessG4240 andG2532 fear:G5401



Central issue to be explained:

There are only two sovereigns, two lawmakers in the universe: the Creator of the Universe and the state.

The question to ask is whose Sovereignty are you worshipping?

Now we need to define the word “worship”, correct? Most would immediately think that ‘worship’ means to go to church and sing a hymn.  Loud singing is not worship.

Worship is obedience to a sovereign.

Under whose command do you live?

Whose law is the Collateral Estoppels is it Romans 13, or Acts 5:29? This means: Who has the ultimate authority over all life?  That would be the Creator of the Universe, YHWH, God Almighty, right?

So, we obey all the laws of the State insofar as they do not violate the Laws of God Almighty. State tells you to drive 55 MPH, you drive 55; States tells you to buckle your seatbelt, you buckle your seat belt. God does not care how fast your drive, nor if you wear a seatbelt.

 However, if the state tells you to have an abortion,  to commit sodomy, or to steal, then the higher law takes precedence and you don’t do that.

This includes the Messiah’s instructions on how to deal with our enemies!!!!!

Quick summary of the References: Deut 21: 10-14; Deut 7:2; Deut 23: 7,8

(literal translation)

(Exodus 10:3) And Moses and Aaron went in to Pharaoh and said to him, So says Jehovah the God of the Hebrews, Until when will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Send away My people so that they may serve Me.

(Leviticus 16:29) And it shall be for a never ending statute, in the seventh month, in the tenth of the month, you shall humble yourself and do no work, the native, and the alien who is staying in your midst.

(Exodus 10:3) And Moses and Aaron went in to Pharaoh and said to him, So says Jehovah the God of the Hebrews, Until when will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Send away My people so that they may serve Me.

(Leviticus 16:29) And it shall be for a never ending statute, in the seventh month, in the tenth of the month, you shall humble yourself and do no work, the native, and the alien who is staying in your midst.

(Leviticus 16:31) It is a sabbath of rest to you, and you shall humble yourself. It is a never ending statute.

(Daniel 10:12) And he said to me, Do not fear, Daniel. For from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard. And I have come because of your words.

(Proverbs 3:5 [KJV])

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

(Proverbs 3:6 [KJV])

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

(Proverbs 3:7 [KJV])

Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

(Proverbs 3:8 [KJV])

It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

(Deuteronomy 7:2 [KJV])

And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, [and] utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

Deut 21: 10-14

(Deuteronomy 21:10 [KJV])

When thou goest forth to war against thine enemies, and the LORD thy God hath delivered them into thine hands, and thou hast taken them captive,

(Deuteronomy 21:11 [KJV])

And seest among the captives a beautiful woman, and hast a desire unto her, that thou wouldest have her to thy wife;

(Deuteronomy 21:12 [KJV])

Then thou shalt bring her home to thine house; and she shall shave her head, and pare her nails;

(Deuteronomy 21:13 [KJV])

And she shall put the raiment of her captivity from off her, and shall remain in thine house, and bewail her father and her mother a full month: and after that thou shalt go in unto her, and be her husband, and she shall be thy wife.

(Deuteronomy 21:14 [KJV])

And it shall be, if thou have no delight in her, then thou shalt let her go whither she will; but thou shalt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not make merchandise of her, because thou hast humbled her.

Deut 23: 7,8

(Deuteronomy 23:7 [KJV])

Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he [is] thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.

(Deuteronomy 23:8 [KJV])

The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

(Deuteronomy 32:35 KJV+) To me belongeth vengeance,H5359 and recompence;H8005 their footH7272 shall slideH4131 in due time:H6256 forH3588 the dayH3117 of their calamityH343is at hand,H7138 and the things that shall comeH6264 upon them make haste.H2363


(Judges 5:31) SoH3651 let allH3605 thine enemiesH341 perish,H6 O LORD:H3068 but let them that loveH157 him be as the sunH8121 when he goeth forthH3318 in his might.H1369 And the landH776 had restH8252 fortyH705 years.H8141

(Psalms 18:1)To the chief Musician,H5329A Psalm of David,H1732the servantH5650of the LORD,H3068whoH834spakeH1696unto the LORDH3068 (H853)the wordsH1697of thisH2063songH7892in the dayH3117that the LORDH3068deliveredH5337him from the handH4480 H3709of allH3605his enemies,H341and from the handH4480 H3027of Saul:H7586And he said,H559 I will loveH7355 thee, O LORD,H3068 my strength.H2391

(Matthew 5:44)ButG1161IG1473sayG3004unto you,G5213LoveG25yourG5216enemies,G2190blessG2127them that curseG2672you,G5209doG4160goodG2573to them that hateG3404you,G5209andG2532prayG4336forG5228them which despitefully useG1908you,G5209andG2532persecuteG1377you;G5209

(Luke 6:27)ButG235I sayG3004unto youG5213which hear,G191LoveG25yourG5216enemies,G2190doG4160goodG2573to them which hateG3404you,G5209

(Luke 6:35)ButG4133loveG25ye yourG5216enemies,G2190andG2532do good,G15andG2532lend,G1155hoping for nothing again;G560 G3367andG2532yourG5216rewardG3408shall beG2071great,G4183andG2532ye shall beG2071the childrenG5207of theG3588Highest:G5310forG3754heG846isG2076kindG5543untoG1909theG3588unthankfulG884andG2532tothe evil.G4190

The Law on going to Court: Strict prohibition.

(1 Corinthians 6:1) DareG5111 anyG5100 of you,G5216 havingG2192 a matterG4229 againstG4314 another,G2087 go to lawG2919 beforeG1909 theG3588 unjust,G94 andG2532 notG3780 beforeG1909 theG3588 saints?G40

(1 Corinthians 6:2) Do ye notG3756 knowG1492 thatG3754 theG3588 saintsG40 shall judgeG2919 theG3588 world?G2889 andG2532 ifG1487 theG3588 worldG2889 shall be judgedG2919 byG1722 you,G5213 areG2075 ye unworthyG370 to judge the smallest matters?G2922 G1646

(1 Corinthians 6:3) KnowG1492 ye notG3756 thatG3754 we shall judgeG2919 angels?G32 how much moreG3386 things that pertain to this life?G982

(1 Corinthians 6:4) IfG1437 thenG3767 ye(G3303) haveG2192 judgmentsG2922 of things pertaining to this life,G982 setG2523 themG5128 to judge who are least esteemedG1848 inG1722 theG3588 church.G1577

(1 Corinthians 6:5) I speakG3004 toG4314 yourG5213 shame.G1791 Is it so,G3779 that there isG2076 notG3756 a wise manG4680 amongG1722 you?G5213 no, notG3761 oneG1520 thatG3739 shall be ableG1410 to judgeG1252 betweenG303 G3319 hisG848 brethren?G80

(1 Corinthians 6:6) ButG235 brotherG80 goeth to lawG2919 withG3326 brother,G80 andG2532 thatG5124 beforeG1909 the unbelievers.G571

(1 Corinthians 6:7) NowG2235 therefore thereG3767(G3303) isG2076 utterlyG3654 a faultG2275 amongG1722 you,G5213 becauseG3754 ye go to lawG2192 G2917 one with another.G3326 G1438 WhyG1302 do ye notG3780 ratherG3123 take wrong?G91 whyG1302 do ye notG3780 ratherG3123suffer yourselves to be defrauded?G650

(1 Corinthians 6:8) Nay,G235 yeG5210 do wrong,G91 andG2532 defraud,G650 andG2532 thatG5023your brethren.G80

(Genesis 4:15) And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, ThereforeH3651 whosoeverH3605 slayethH2026 Cain,H7014 vengeance shall be takenH5358 on him sevenfold.H7659 And the LORDH3068 setH7760 a markH226 upon Cain,H7014 lestH1115 anyH3605 findingH4672 him should killH5221 him.

(Deuteronomy 32:35) To me belongeth vengeance,H5359 and recompence;H8005 their footH7272 shall slideH4131 in due time:H6256 forH3588 the dayH3117 of their calamityH343is at hand,H7138 and the things that shall comeH6264 upon them make haste.H2363

(Deuteronomy 32:41) IfH518 I whetH8150 my glitteringH1300 sword,H2719 and mine handH3027 take holdH270 on judgment;H4941 I will renderH7725 vengeanceH5359 to mine enemies,H6862 and will rewardH7999 them that hateH8130 me.

(Deuteronomy 32:43) Rejoice,H7442 O ye nations,H1471with his people:H5971 forH3588 he will avengeH5358 the bloodH1818 of his servants,H5650 and will renderH7725 vengeanceH5359 to his adversaries,H6862 and will be mercifulH3722 unto his land,H127and to his people.H5971

(Judges 11:36) And she saidH559 untoH413 him, My father,H1if thou hast openedH6475 (H853) thy mouthH6310 untoH413 the LORD,H3068 doH6213 to me according to that whichH834 hath proceeded outH3318 of thy mouth;H4480 H6310 forasmuchH310 H834 as the LORDH3068 hath takenH6213 vengeanceH5360 for thee of thine enemies,H4480 H341even of the childrenH4480 H1121 of Ammon.H5983

(Psalms 58:10) The righteousH6662 shall rejoiceH8055 whenH3588 he seethH2372 the vengeance:H5359 he shall washH7364 his feetH6471 in the bloodH1818 of the wicked.H7563

(Psalms 94:1) O LORDH3068 God,H410 to whom vengeanceH5360 belongeth; O God,H410 to whom vengeanceH5360 belongeth, shew thyself.H3313

(Psalms 99:8) Thou answeredstH6030 them, O LORDH3068 our God:H430 thouH859 wastH1961 a GodH410 that forgavestH5375 them, though thou tookest vengeanceH5358 ofH5921 their inventions.H5949

(Psalms 149:7) To executeH6213 vengeanceH5360 upon the heathen,H1471and punishmentsH8433 upon the people;H3816

(Isaiah 34:8) ForH3588it is the dayH3117 of the LORD’SH3068 vengeance,H5359and the yearH8141 of recompencesH7966 for the controversyH7379 of Zion.H6726

(Isaiah 35:4) SayH559 to them that are of a fearfulH4116 heart,H3820 Be strong,H2388 fearH3372 not:H408 behold,H2009 your GodH430 will comeH935with vengeance,H5359even GodH430with a recompence;H1576 heH1931 will comeH935 and saveH3467 you.

(Isaiah 47:3) Thy nakednessH6172 shall be uncovered,H1540 yea,H1571 thy shameH2781 shall be seen:H7200 I will takeH3947 vengeance,H5359 and I will notH3808 meetH6293thee as a man.H120

(Isaiah 59:17) For he put onH3847 righteousnessH6666 as a breastplate,H8302 and an helmetH3553 of salvationH3444 upon his head;H7218 and he put onH3847 the garmentsH899 of vengeanceH5359for clothing,H8516 and was cladH5844 with zealH7068 as a cloke.H4598

(Isaiah 61:2) To proclaimH7121 the acceptableH7522 yearH8141 of the LORD,H3068 and the dayH3117 of vengeanceH5359 of our God;H430 to comfortH5162 allH3605 that mourn;H57

(Isaiah 63:4) ForH3588 the dayH3117 of vengeanceH5359is in mine heart,H3820 and the yearH8141 of my redeemedH1350 is come.H935

(Jeremiah 11:20) But, O LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 that judgestH8199 righteously,H6664 that triestH974 the reinsH3629 and the heart,H3820 let me seeH7200 thy vengeanceH5360 onH4480 them: forH3588 untoH413 thee have I revealedH1540 (H853) my cause.H7379

(Jeremiah 20:12) But, O LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 that triestH974 the righteous,H6662and seestH7200 the reinsH3629 and the heart,H3820 let me seeH7200 thy vengeanceH5360 onH4480 them: forH3588 untoH413 thee have I openedH1540 (H853) my cause.H7379

(Jeremiah 46:10) For thisH1931is the dayH3117 of the LordH136 GODH3069 of hosts,H6635 a dayH3117 of vengeance,H5360 that he may avengeH5358 him of his adversaries:H4480 H6862 and the swordH2719 shall devour,H398 and it shall be satiateH7646 and made drunkH7301 with their blood:H4480 H1818 forH3588 the LordH136 GODH3069 of hostsH6635 hath a sacrificeH2077 in the northH6828 countryH776 byH413 the riverH5104 Euphrates.H6578

(Jeremiah 50:15) ShoutH7321 againstH5921 her round about:H5439 she hath givenH5414 her hand:H3027 her foundationsH803 are fallen,H5307 her wallsH2346 are thrown down:H2040 forH3588 itH1931is the vengeanceH5360 of the LORD:H3068 take vengeanceH5358 upon her; asH834 she hath done,H6213 doH6213 unto her.

(Jeremiah 50:28) The voiceH6963 of them that fleeH5127 and escapeH6412 out of the landH4480 H776 of Babylon,H894 to declareH5046 in ZionH6726 (H853) the vengeanceH5360 of the LORDH3068 our God,H430 the vengeanceH5360 of his temple.H1964

(Jeremiah 51:6) FleeH5127 out of the midstH4480 H8432 of Babylon,H894 and deliverH4422 every manH376 his soul:H5315 be notH408 cut offH1826 in her iniquity;H5771 forH3588 thisH1931is the timeH6256 of the LORD’SH3068 vengeance;H5360 he will renderH7999 unto her a recompence.H1576

(Jeremiah 51:11) Make brightH1305 the arrows;H2671 gatherH4390 the shields:H7982 the LORDH3068 hath raised upH5782 (H853) the spiritH7307 of the kingsH4428 of the Medes:H4074 forH3588 his deviceH4209is againstH5921 Babylon,H894 to destroyH7843 it; becauseH3588 itH1931is the vengeanceH5360 of the LORD,H3068 the vengeanceH5360 of his temple.H1964

(Jeremiah 51:36) ThereforeH3651 thusH3541 saithH559 the LORD;H3068 Behold,H2009 I will pleadH7378 (H853) thy cause,H7379 and take vengeance for thee;H5358 (H853) H5360 and I will dry upH2717 (H853) her sea,H3220 and make(H853) her springsH4726 dry.H3001

(Lamentations 3:60) Thou hast seenH7200 allH3605 their vengeanceH5360and allH3605 their imaginationsH4284 against me.

(Ezekiel 24:8) That it might cause furyH2534 to come upH5927 to takeH5358 vengeance;H5359 I have setH5414 (H853) her bloodH1818 uponH5921 the topH6706 of a rock,H5553 that it should notH1115 be covered.H3680

(Ezekiel 25:12) ThusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 Because thatH3282 EdomH123 hath dealtH6213 against the houseH1004 of JudahH3063 by takingH5358 vengeance,H5359 and hath greatly offended,H816 H816 and revenged himselfH5358 upon them;

(Ezekiel 25:14) And I will layH5414 (H853) my vengeanceH5360 upon EdomH123 by the handH3027 of my peopleH5971 Israel:H3478 and they shall doH6213 in EdomH123 according to mine angerH639 and according to my fury;H2534 and they shall knowH3045 (H853) my vengeance,H5360 saithH5002 the LordH136 GOD.H3069

[**(The law was set that Edom was their brother, but in Ezekiel they must have done something to deserve God’s Vengence)

(Deuteronomy 23:7) You shall not despise an Edomite, for he is your brother. You shall not despise an Egyptian, for you were an alien in his land;)]

(Ezekiel 25:15) ThusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 BecauseH3282 the PhilistinesH6430 have dealtH6213 by revenge,H5360 and have takenH5358 vengeanceH5359 with a despitefulH7589 heart,H5315 to destroyH4889it for the oldH5769 hatred;H342

(Ezekiel 25:17) And I will executeH6213 greatH1419 vengeanceH5360 upon them with furiousH2534 rebukes;H8433 and they shall knowH3045 thatH3588 IH589am the LORD,H3068 when I shall layH5414 (H853) my vengeanceH5360 upon them.

(Micah 5:15) And I will executeH6213 vengeanceH5359 in angerH639 and furyH2534 upon(H853) the heathen,H1471 such asH834 they have notH3808 heard.H8085

(Nahum 1:2) GodH410is jealous,H7072 and the LORDH3068 revengeth;H5358 the LORDH3068 revengeth,H5358 and is furious;H1167 H2534 the LORDH3068 will take vengeanceH5358 on his adversaries,H6862 and heH1931 reservethH5201wrath for his enemies.H341

(Luke 21:22)ForG3754theseG3778beG1526the daysG2250of vengeance,G1557that all thingsG3956which are writtenG1125may be fulfilled.G4137

(Acts 28:4) AndG1161 whenG5613 theG3588 barbariansG915 sawG1492 theG3588venomous beastG2342 hangG2910 onG1537 hisG848 hand,G5495 they saidG3004 amongG4314 themselves,G240 No doubtG3843 thisG3778 manG444 isG2076 a murderer,G5406 whom,G3739 though he hath escapedG1295 theG3588 sea,G2281 yet vengeanceG1349 sufferethG1439 notG3756 to live.G2198

(Romans 3:5) ButG1161 ifG1487 ourG2257 unrighteousnessG93 commendG4921 the righteousnessG1343 of God,G2316 whatG5101 shall we say?G2046Is GodG2316 unrighteousG94 who takethG2018 vengeance? (IG3709 speakG3004 asG2596 a man)G444

(Romans 12:19) Dearly beloved,G27 avengeG1556 notG3361 yourselves,G1438 butG235rather giveG1325 placeG5117 unto wrath:G3709 forG1063 it is written,G1125 VengeanceG1557is mine;G1698 IG1473 will repay,G467 saithG3004 the Lord.G2962

(2 Thessalonians 1:8) InG1722 flamingG5395 fireG4442 takingG1325 vengeanceG1557 on them that knowG1492 notG3361 God,G2316 andG2532 that obeyG5219 notG3361 theG3588 gospelG2098 of ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ:G5547

(Hebrews 10:30) ForG1063 we knowG1492 him that hath said,G2036 VengeanceG1557belongeth unto me,G1698 IG1473 will recompense,G467 saithG3004 the Lord.G2962 AndG2532 again,G3825 The LordG2962 shall judgeG2919 hisG848 people.G2992

(Jude 1:7) Even asG5613 SodomG4670 andG2532 Gomorrha,G1116 andG2532 theG3588 citiesG4172 aboutG4012 themG846 in like manner,G3664 G5158 giving themselves over to fornication,G1608 andG2532 goingG565 afterG3694 strangeG2087 flesh,G4561 are set forthG4295 for an example,G1164 sufferingG5254 the vengeanceG1349 of eternalG166 fire.G4442


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