Improving eyesight without perscriptions.

I have recently noticed that my eyes have deteriorated and that my research is stymied by vision issues such as astigmatism and lots of things floating in my vision field. I feel that it my  eyes are being burned out by the computer screen.

I began looking into the issue and it exists called Computer Screen vision problems.

**Note 6:33 AM November 30, 2013– check out the diabeities pages  and do research into blood sugar control and poor eyesight and blindness and get a proper diagnosis for yourself on the vison issue as it could result from wildly out of control blood sugar in body– You must do your Due Dilligence for your self, Do you understand, or as the neighbors say: Capeche? ** End of Edit 6:36 AM

I just made my second pair of computer screen glasses similar to the pin hole glasses on the internet.  My first pair was made by poking holes into duct tape and attaching to an empty sunglasses frame. Those were not very good. This new pair that I made I used a fine sieve screen filter and the mesh may be too small, i.e. the holes may be too small. but it is an improve ment over the duct-tape model.  I am still on the look out for a slighty larger mesh  with few holes per square inch to make my next pair.

As far as reducing the glare of the computer screen, this fine mesh works better than nothing but the focus capability of my eyes is not able to function with the tiny holes in the mesh. Solution: A larger mesh with larger holes and fewer holes.

I’ll be back with up dates on this issue.  The objective is and continues to be ” Obey God and keep his commandments. Over and out.

Edit on 1/28/2014 5:11PM  A follow up on this  issue. I found the salt shaker lid to be perfect for these as an option. I hold it up to my eye and read through the salt shaker lid while covering the other eye and then switch eyes.  What this appears to be doing is forcing the eye to focus through the holes and it seems to exercise the focusing mechanisms of the eye.  This is an eye exercise.  And I do this a short time about every day some times twice a day.


Edit on 2/15/2014  9:04 PM  What I have been doing is taking the smallest writing I have and the a medium sized printed book and then a printed page about 7 feet away and I use the salt shaker lid over one eye with the other closed/ covered and I alternatively focus on the smallest print, then the next size and then look up to read across the room. And I do this for a short while once or twice a day.  It helps with focus. It does nothing for the floating things in my field of vision though.  This exercise appears to be helping.

Comments? Questions? Dissent?

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