Update: audio files accessable some lost. HP Vista Ultimate has failed to update and crashed on SP1.

Edit 2/6/2014 8:56PM The lists are kept at http://scripturespokenhere.wordpress.com/ the actual audio MP3 files for listening and or downloading are kept at the yourlisten.com site.  Edit ended 8:57PM

Sabbath day 4:24PM   Edited: The project is moving along. I completed reading for the audio  the book of Jeremiah, today. I am doing the final upload now of chapters 40 through 52 for the MP3 file.  2/1/2014  edited ended.

1/11 Sabbath 16:39  Update.  The audio project is restored.  I had much on the Ipod and some files on the other computer.   I have switched to Ubunto Operating system.  I gave up trying to get Vista again  too expensive.

November12, 2013 Update 7:26 AM  Almost complete loss of all the recordings of the Scripture

I don’t know the extent of the loss  but as of today the computer has crashed and  many audios are in that HP Vista Ultimate  computer. I don’t have the disk for vista and I am working on learning how to get into the computer to get the files out.  If YHWH will it, I will be successful. If not, the project was not blessed. How can any endeavor have success without the blessing of YHWH?

http://wp.me/p3LMfb-fK   This is more information on this project as it progresses.

I am working on a digital recording of the Scriptures.  I am well into the project and today have finished recording the book of Matthew.   I am really amazed at how fast this has proceeded thus far.

When I first started this it seemed like an insurmountable project that would take a long time.

But  I was informed one line at a time.  Actually, I am informed one word at a time in some cases.   YHWH just instructed  one chapter at a time.   So I began recording one chapter at a time.

If there is much demand for this recording I will figure out how to get it to people.

May be You tube  will be a decent method.

What I have completed as of this day 8/17/2013 ( I’ll edit this as time goes on).

As of 8 18/2013 6:14 AM  this list revised

9/8/2013 5:22 AM this list revised

Matthew,  Luke (November 2, 2013)

Philipians, Colossians, 1st Thessalonians, 2nd Thessalonians,  Titus,  Philemon, Hebrews, Proverbs, Isaiah,1st Timothy , 2nd Timothy, 2nd Peter, James, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John, Luke (done and labeled November 2 2013), Jude, Isaiah ( with and without  Handel’s Messiah in background), Psalm 77, Psalm 78, The Book of Ruth,  Mark is finished as of November 8th 2013,

Zechariah, Malachi, 2nd Kings chapter 6, 2nd Kings Chapter 7,,   Micha ( Sept 7 2013 Sabbath completed),   Daniel (  finished up Sept 7 2013 Sabbath completed)

Starting the vocal recording of  Mark today at 5:56 AM November 7, 2013! If YHWH will it.

The KJV of the Scripture mentions the “Hear the Word” 271 times. Apparently we are to “hear the Word”. The only way people can hear the word is to have someone speak it to them, of for the Individual to speak it him self.

There will be no charge and no copyright, (I’ve gone over this issue  before see my article on this).

I would have to say that the license would have to say that any use of my audio recording would have to be only for individuals.  Any incorporated entity ( that means any entity that has a contract with any governing body such as a State) and any 501 3 (c) incorporated church may not put my work on their website.

My Contract/ Covenant is with  YHWH , YHWH will enforce my intention here as it is his Word.

The individuals may not sell this work  in any way what so ever.  If you want to put     this work on your ipod or any another way to hear it that is fine.  If you want to put it onto a disk you may give it to anyone for free.

If you want to copy this and give it to someone you can’t charge a dime, you can’t charge a cent  or any other method of extracting property from someone.

This is the Word of God and it is free just like the gift of salvation is free.

If the gospel he hid, it be hid from them that are lost.  He came to seek and to save that which was lost.

Edit 10:42 AM on October 31, 2013

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