Chapter 4: Food Law for Ambassador of YHWH

Titles of the Law of The Creator YHWH

Section 48

Food Law


Credits: This document represents one (1) section of eighty four 84 chapters that are contained in the Scripture. This document is not complete and may never be complete because often times I read the same verse and I learn something new or get a new insight. The more I delve into this, the more I really love this Creator because I am seeing more and more the Wisdom and the Love for us contained in the Scripture.

Colossians 1:14-15 KJV+

(14) InG1722 whomG3739 we haveG2192 redemptionG629 throughG1223 hisG846 blood,G129even theG3588 forgivenessG859 of sins:G266

(15) WhoG3739 isG2076 the imageG1504 of theG3588 invisibleG517 God,G2316 the firstbornG4416 of everyG3956 creature:G2937

Colossians 1:16 KJV+

(16) ForG3754 byG1722 himG846 were all thingsG3956 created,G2936 thatG3588 are inG1722 heaven,G3772 andG2532 thatG3588 are inG1909 earth,G1093 visibleG3707 andG2532 invisible,G517 whetherG1535they be thrones,G2362 orG1535 dominions,G2963 orG1535 principalities,G746 orG1535 powers:G1849 all thingsG3956 were createdG2936 byG1223 him,G846 andG2532 forG1519 him:G846

This has been complied and organized by Gregory (The name means: watchful/ vigilant).

There is no charge for this information. And I am not requesting.

Scripture prohibits teaching God’s Word for pay.

Prayer offerings may be made with property such as corn, wheat, honey, beans, oil, milk, cream, cheese, gold coin, silver coin.

Philippians 4:11-13 KJV+

(11) NotG3756 thatG3754 I speakG3004 in respect ofG2596 want:G5304 forG1063 IG1473 have learned,G3129 inG1722 whatsoever stateG3739 I am,G1510therewith to beG1511 content.G842

(12)(G1161) I knowG1492 both how to be abased,G5013 andG2532 I knowG1492 how to abound:G4052 (G1722) every whereG3956 andG2532 inG1722 all thingsG3956 I am instructedG3453 bothG2532 to be fullG5526 andG2532 to be hungry,G3983 bothG2532 to aboundG4052 andG2532 to suffer need.G5302

(13) I can doG2480 all thingsG3956 throughG1722 ChristG5547 which strengthenethG1743 me.G3165

Food Law

Introduction to the Laws of the Creator

I use the King James Version annotated to have access to the Hebrew words used in each case because sometimes it helps to clarify the meaning of a sentence. It may be a little unusual to read with the numbering system at first but over time it will be a benefit to you, dear reader. To get understanding of God’s Word, we need to approach God in prayer, and praise, and thanksgiving for His Sovereignty and request that the Author, which is the Holy Ghost give us understanding, and knowledge and the wisdom necessary to read and understand and act upon the knowledge.

Beginning all study with praise to God!

Psalms 19:1-14 KJV+

(1)To the chief Musician,H5329A PsalmH4210of David.H1732 The heavensH8064 declareH5608 the gloryH3519 of God;H410 and the firmamentH7549 shewethH5046 his handywork.H4639 H3027

(2) DayH3117 unto dayH3117 utterethH5042 speech,H562 and nightH3915 unto nightH3915 shewethH2331 knowledge.H1847

(3)There is noH369 speechH562 norH369 language,H1697where their voiceH6963 is notH1097 heard.H8085

(4) Their lineH6957 is gone outH3318 through allH3605 the earth,H776 and their wordsH4405 to the endH7097 of the world.H8398 In them hath he setH7760 a tabernacleH168 for the sun,H8121

(5) WhichH1931is as a bridegroomH2860 coming outH3318 of his chamber,H4480 H2646and rejoicethH7797 as a strong manH1368 to runH7323 a race.H734

(6) His going forthH4161is from the endH4480 H7097 of the heaven,H8064 and his circuitH8622 untoH5921 the endsH7098 of it: and there is nothingH369 hidH5641 from the heatH4480 H2535 thereof.

(7) The lawH8451 of the LORDH3068is perfect,H8549 convertingH7725 the soul:H5315 the testimonyH5715 of the LORDH3068is sure,H539 making wiseH2449 the simple.H6612

(8) The statutesH6490 of the LORDH3068are right,H3477 rejoicingH8055 the heart:H3820 the commandmentH4687 of the LORDH3068is pure,H1249 enlighteningH215 the eyes.H5869

(9) The fearH3374 of the LORDH3068is clean,H2889 enduringH5975 for ever:H5703 the judgmentsH4941 of the LORDH3068are trueH571and righteousH6663 altogether.H3162

(10) More to be desiredH2530are they than gold,H4480 H2091 yea, than muchH7227 fine gold:H4480 H6337 sweeterH4966 also than honeyH4480 H1706 and the honeycomb.H5317 H6688

(11) MoreoverH1571 by them is thy servantH5650 warned:H2094and in keepingH8104 of them there is greatH7227 reward.H6118

(12) WhoH4310 can understandH995his errors?H7691 cleanseH5352 thou me from secretH4480 H5641faults.

(13) Keep backH2820 thy servantH5650 alsoH1571 from presumptuousH4480 H2086sins; let them notH408 have dominionH4910 over me: thenH227 shall I be upright,H8552 and I shall be innocentH5352 from the greatH7227 transgression.H4480 H6588

(14) Let the wordsH561 of my mouth,H6310 and the meditationH1902 of my heart,H3820 beH1961 acceptableH7522 in thy sight,H6440 O LORD,H3068 my strength,H6697 and my redeemer.H1350

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Deuteronomy clarifies some of the permitted animals for the diet

Quick summary:

The Hebrew is not to eat any unclean meats. If I go to someone’s house and pork only is served, I would likely be excused to eat that time as per Luke 10:8-11. God set up these laws in his great wisdom having created the interrelated systems of the human being including the cardiovascular, respiratory, waste, kidney, liver purification, detoxification, endocrine, and lymphatic system to keep the human being alive indefinitely, however, due to sin, human beings have by their choices limited their lives. God having reduced the lifespan to a max of 120 years yet people only receive 70 at best and most of them, because of lawlessness, receive even fewer.

There is a penalty for eating trash; there is a penalty for sin. But God does not come down here and whack you upside the head if you eat garbage. You just get the physical results of putting garbage into your body which is health problems. The remedy: a return to the Creator’s laws on food.

The things to teach generally about the food law are in the New Testament. If a person were interested in obeying God and keeping his Commandments then the first step would be to acknowledge the Son of God and believe that his sacrifice is sufficient for you personally, and then to learn and act upon the commandments which he has spoken.

Prohibition against eating blood and fat

The laws related to the consumption of Blood and fat.

These laws are set up to make it clear the duty of the man so there is no misunderstanding as to the demands of the Creator God concerning the consumption of blood and fat.

No blood and no animal fat shall be eaten. The reason given by the Author of the Scripture is that “the life is in the blood”.

The fat is to be used for a burnt offering of a sweet savor unto Yahuwah. This is a “never ending statute”.

This law may likely be to prevent us from getting health problems related to heart disease and other harmful health issues.

I have recently learned that blood contains both nutrients and toxins. Fifty percent of the blood in the body would contain nutrition and beneficial things for the body, yet the other fifty percent would contain the toxins and the waste created by the body. The blood would contain both waste and nutrients, thus it is unclean.

Clearly in Leviticus the warning about blood and fat are mentioned but to be sure the second witness should be mentioned. The life is in the blood according to Leviticus 17:14.

Quick reference look up list:

1 Leviticus 7:23-27 KJV

2. (KJV+) Gen_9:4; Lev_3:17; Lev 7:23; Lev_7:26; Lev_17:12; Lev_17:14; Lev_19:26; Deu_12:16; Deu_12:23 to 25; Deu_15:23; 1Sa_14:31 to 1Sa_14:34; Eze_22:9; Eze_33:25; Eze_39:17; Eze_39:18; Eze_39:19; Joh_6:53; 1Co_11:27;

(Genesis 9:4 KJV+)

ButH389 fleshH1320 with the lifeH5315 thereof, which is the bloodH1818 thereof, shall ye notH3808 eat.H398

(Exodus 12:7 KJV+)

And they shall takeH3947 ofH4480 the blood,H1818 and strikeH5414it onH5921 the twoH8147 side postsH4201 and onH5921 the upper door postH4947 ofH5921 the houses,H1004 whereinH834 they shall eatH398 it.

(Leviticus 3:17 KJV+)

It shall be a perpetualH5769 statuteH2708 for your generationsH1755 throughout allH3605 your dwellings,H4186 that ye eatH398 neitherH3808 H3605 fatH2459 nor blood.H1818

(Leviticus 7:23 KJV+)

SpeakH1696 untoH413 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 saying,H559 Ye shall eatH398 no mannerH3808 H3605 of fat,H2459 of ox,H7794 or of sheep,H3775 or of goat.H5795

(Leviticus 7:26 KJV+)

Moreover ye shall eatH398 no mannerH3808 H3605 of blood,H1818whether it be of fowlH5775 or of beast,H929 in anyH3605 of your dwellings.H4186

(Leviticus 17:12 KJV+)

ThereforeH5921 H3651 I saidH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 NoH3808 H3605 soulH5315 ofH4480 you shall eatH398 blood,H1818 neitherH3808 shall any strangerH1616 that sojournethH1481 amongH8432 you eatH398 blood.H1818

(Leviticus 17:14 KJV+)

ForH3588it is the lifeH5315 of allH3605 flesh;H1320 the bloodH1818 of it is for the lifeH5315 thereof: therefore I saidH559 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 Ye shall eatH398 the bloodH1818 of no mannerH3808 H3605 of flesh:H1320 forH3588 the lifeH5315 of allH3605 fleshH1320is the bloodH1818 thereof: whosoeverH3605 eatethH398 it shall be cut off.H3772

(Leviticus 19:26 KJV+)

Ye shall notH3808 eatH398any thing withH5921 the blood:H1818 neitherH3808 shall ye use enchantment,H5172 norH3808 observe times.H6049

(Deuteronomy 12:16 KJV+)

OnlyH7535 ye shall notH3808 eatH398 the blood;H1818 ye shall pourH8210 it uponH5921 the earthH776 as water.H4325

Deuteronomy 12:23-25 KJV+

(23) OnlyH7535 be sureH2388 that thou eatH398 notH1115 the blood:H1818 forH3588 the bloodH1818is the life;H5315 and thou mayest notH3808 eatH398 the lifeH5315 withH5973 the flesh.H1320

(24) Thou shalt notH3808 eatH398 it; thou shalt pourH8210 it uponH5921 the earthH776 as water.H4325

(25) Thou shalt notH3808 eatH398 it; thatH4616 it may go wellH3190 with thee, and with thy childrenH1121 afterH310 thee, whenH3588 thou shalt doH6213that which is rightH3477 in the sightH5869 of the LORD.H3068

(Deuteronomy 15:23 KJV+)

OnlyH7535 thou shalt notH3808 eatH398 (H853) the bloodH1818 thereof; thou shalt pourH8210 it uponH5921 the groundH776 as water.H4325

1 Samuel 14:28-33 KJV+ Then answeredH6030 oneH376 of the people,H4480 H5971 and said,H559 Thy fatherH1 straitly charged the people with an oath,H7650 H7650 (H853) H5971 saying,H559 CursedH779be the manH376 thatH834 eatethH398any foodH3899 this day.H3117 And the peopleH5971 were faint.H5888(29) Then saidH559 Jonathan,H3083 My fatherH1 hath troubledH5916 (H853) the land:H776 see,H7200 I pray you,H4994 howH3588 mine eyesH5869 have been enlightened,H215 becauseH3588 I tastedH2938 a littleH4592 of thisH2088 honey.H1706(30) How much more,H637 H3588 if haplyH3588 H3863 the peopleH5971 had eaten freelyH398 H398 to dayH3117 of the spoilH4480 H7998 of their enemiesH341 whichH834 they found?H4672 forH3588 had there notH3808 been nowH6258 a much greaterH7235 slaughterH4347 among the Philistines?H6430(31) And they smoteH5221 the PhilistinesH6430 thatH1931 dayH3117 from MichmashH4480 H4363 to Aijalon:H357 and the peopleH5971 were veryH3966 faint.H5888(32) And the peopleH5971 flewH6213 uponH413 the spoil,H7998 and tookH3947 sheep,H6629 and oxen,H1241 and calves,H1121 H1241 and slewH7819them on the ground:H776 and the peopleH5971 did eatH398them withH5921 the blood.H1818(33) Then they toldH5046 Saul,H7586 saying,H559 Behold,H2009 the peopleH5971 sinH2398 against the LORD,H3068 in that they eatH398 withH5921 the blood.H1818 And he said,H559Ye have transgressed:H898 rollH1556 a greatH1419 stoneH68 untoH413 me this day.H3117

(Ezekiel 22:9 KJV+)

In thee areH1961 menH376 that carry talesH7400 toH4616 shedH8210 blood:H1818 and in thee they eatH398 uponH413 the mountains:H2022 in the midstH8432 of thee they commitH6213 lewdness.H2154

(Ezekiel 33:25 KJV+)

WhereforeH3651 sayH559 untoH413 them, ThusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069Ye eatH398 withH5921 the blood,H1818 and lift upH5375 your eyesH5869 towardH413 your idols,H1544 and shedH8210 blood:H1818 and shall ye possessH3423 the land?H776

(Ezekiel 39:17 KJV+)

And, thouH859 sonH1121 of man,H120 thusH3541 saithH559 the LordH136 GOD;H3069 SpeakH559 unto everyH3605 featheredH3671 fowl,H6833 and to everyH3605 beastH2416 of the field,H7704 Assemble yourselves,H6908 and come;H935 gather yourselvesH622 on every sideH4480 H5439 toH5921 my sacrificeH2077 thatH834 IH589 do sacrificeH2076 for you, even a greatH1419 sacrificeH2077 uponH5921 the mountainsH2022 of Israel,H3478 that ye may eatH398 flesh,H1320 and drinkH8354 blood.H1818

This is speaking on a different level and can be explained in another article

(John 6:53 KJV+)

ThenG3767 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto them,G846Verily,G281verily,G281I sayG3004unto you,G5213ExceptG3362ye eatG5315theG3588fleshG4561of theG3588SonG5207of man,G444andG2532drinkG4095hisG846blood,G129ye haveG2192noG3756lifeG2222inG1722you.G1438

(1 Corinthians 11:27 KJV+)

WhereforeG5620 whosoeverG3739 G302 shall eatG2068 thisG5126 bread,G740 andG2228 drinkG4095this cupG4221 of theG3588 Lord,G2962 unworthily,G371 shall beG2071 guiltyG1777 of theG3588 bodyG4983 andG2532 bloodG129 of theG3588 Lord.G2962

Leviticus 7:23-27 KJV+

(23) SpeakH1696 untoH413 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 saying,H559 Ye shall eatH398 no mannerH3808 H3605 of fat,H2459 of ox,H7794 or of sheep,H3775 or of goat.H5795

(24) And the fatH2459 of the beast that dieth of itself,H5038 and the fatH2459 of that which is torn with beasts,H2966 may be usedH6213 in anyH3605 other use:H4399 but ye shall in no wise eatH3808 H398 H398 of it.

(25) ForH3588 whosoeverH3605 eatethH398 the fatH2459 ofH4480 the beast,H929 of whichH834 H4480 men offerH7126 an offering made by fireH801 unto the LORD,H3068 even the soulH5315 that eatethH398it shall be cut offH3772 from his people.H4480 H5971

(26) Moreover ye shall eatH398 no mannerH3808 H3605 of blood,H1818whether it be of fowlH5775 or of beast,H929 in anyH3605 of your dwellings.H4186

(27) WhatsoeverH3605 soulH5315it be thatH834 eatethH398 any mannerH3605 of blood,H1818 even thatH1931 soulH5315 shall be cut offH3772 from his people.H4480 H5971

Clean and unclean meats

  • Land animals: Genesis clarifies that there is in fact a difference between clean and unclean animals. Noah took 7 pairs of the clean animals, and only two pairs of the unclean animals and put them into the ark.

Genesis 7:1-3 KJV+

(1) And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto Noah,H5146 ComeH935 thouH859 and allH3605 thy houseH1004 intoH413 the ark;H8392 forH3588 thee have I seenH7200 righteousH6662 beforeH6440 me in thisH2088 generation.H1755

(2) Of everyH4480 H3605 cleanH2889 beastH929 thou shalt takeH3947 to thee by sevens,H7651 H7651 the maleH376 and his female:H802 and ofH4480 beastsH929 thatH834are notH3808 cleanH2889 by two,H8147 the maleH376 and his female.H802

(3) Of fowlsH4480 H5775 alsoH1571 of the airH8064 by sevens,H7651 H7651 the maleH2145 and the female;H5347 to keep seedH2233 aliveH2421 uponH5921 the faceH6440 of allH3605 the earth.H776

This is the food law given to Moses by God in Leviticus chapter 11. I have put the entire chapter here and some of my notes .

(Leviticus 11:1 KJV+) And the LORDH3068 spakeH1696 untoH413 MosesH4872 and toH413 Aaron,H175 sayingH559 untoH413 them,

(Leviticus 11:2 KJV+) SpeakH1696 untoH413 the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 saying,H559 TheseH2063are the beastsH2416 whichH834 ye shall eatH398 among allH4480 H3605 the beastsH929 thatH834are onH5921 the earth.H776

The general rule on what animals on the land that may be eaten:

The rule on what animals that walk the earth can be eaten is in this verse. It is easier to describe the rule to determine what can be eaten than it is to try to figure out every prohibited animal. There are three characteristics that the land beast must have and they are 1. Cloven footed; 2. Splits the hoof; 3. Chews the cud.

  • (Leviticus 11:3 KJV+) WhatsoeverH3605 partethH6536 the hoof,H6541 and is clovenfooted,H8156 H8157 H6541and chewethH5927 the cud,H1625 among the beasts,H929 that shall ye eat.H398

(Leviticus 11:4 KJV+) NeverthelessH389 (H853) theseH2088 shall ye notH3808 eatH398 of them that chewH4480 H5927 the cud,H1625 or of them that divideH4480 H6536 the hoof:H6541as(H853) the camel,H1581 becauseH3588 heH1931 chewethH5927 the cud,H1625 but dividethH6536 notH369 the hoof;H6541 heH1931is uncleanH2931 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:5 KJV+) And the coney,H8227 becauseH3588 heH1931 chewethH5927 the cud,H1625 but dividethH6536 notH3808 the hoof;H6541 heH1931is uncleanH2931 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:6 KJV+) And the hare,H768 becauseH3588 heH1931 chewethH5927 the cud,H1625 but dividethH6536 notH3808 the hoof;H6541 heH1931is uncleanH2931 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:7 KJV+) And the swine,H2386 thoughH3588 heH1931 divideH6536 the hoof,H6541 and be clovenfooted,H8156 H8157 H6541 yet heH1931 chewethH1641 notH3808 the cud;H1625 heH1931is uncleanH2931 to you.

(Leviticus 11:8 KJV+) Of their fleshH4480 H1320 shall ye notH3808 eat,H398 and their carcaseH5038 shall ye notH3808 touch;H5060 theyH1992are uncleanH2931 to you.

More Clarity on the Land animals that are clean Deut 14: 1-21

Deuteronomy clarities some of the permitted animals for the diet such as the deer, and the goat, the ox and the sheep.

Deuteronomy 14:1-21 KJV+

(1) YeH859are the childrenH1121 of the LORDH3068 your God:H430 ye shall notH3808 cut yourselves,H1413 norH3808 makeH7760 any baldnessH7144 betweenH996 your eyesH5869 for the dead.H4191

(2) ForH3588 thouH859art an holyH6918 peopleH5971 unto the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 and the LORDH3068 hath chosenH977 thee to beH1961 a peculiarH5459 peopleH5971 unto himself, above allH4480 H3605 the nationsH5971 thatH834are uponH5921 H6440 the earth.H127

(3) Thou shalt notH3808 eatH398 anyH3605 abominable thing.H8441

(4) TheseH2063are the beastsH929 whichH834 ye shall eat:H398 the ox,H7794 the sheep,H7716 H3775 and the goat,H7716 H5795

(5) The hart,H354 and the roebuck,H6643 and the fallow deer,H3180 and the wild goat,H689 and the pygarg,H1788 and the wild ox,H8377 and the chamois.H2169

(6) And everyH3605 beastH929 that partethH6536 the hoof,H6541 and cleavethH8156 the cleftH8157 into twoH8147 claws,H6541and chewethH5927 the cudH1625 among the beasts,H929 that ye shall eat.H398

Now continuing with Unclean land animals here in verse 7 and 8

(7) NeverthelessH389 (H853) theseH2088 ye shall notH3808 eatH398 of them that chewH4480 H5927 the cud,H1625 or of them that divideH4480 H6536 the clovenH8156 hoof;H6541as(H853) the camel,H1581 and the hare,H768 and the coney:H8227 forH3588 theyH1992 chewH5927 the cud,H1625 but divideH6536 notH3808 the hoof;H6541therefore theyH1992are uncleanH2931 unto you.

(8) And the swine,H2386 becauseH3588 itH1931 dividethH6536 the hoof,H6541 yet cheweth notH3808 the cud,H1625 itH1931is uncleanH2931 unto you: ye shall notH3808 eatH398 of their flesh,H4480 H1320 norH3808 touchH5060 their dead carcase.H5038

(9)(H853) TheseH2088 ye shall eatH398 of allH4480 H3605 thatH834are in the waters:H4325 allH3605 thatH834 have finsH5579 and scalesH7193 shall ye eat:H398

(10) And whatsoeverH3605 H834 hath notH369 finsH5579 and scalesH7193 ye may notH3808 eat;H398 itH1931is uncleanH2931 unto you.

(11)Of allH3605 cleanH2889 birdsH6833 ye shall eat.H398

The fowl of the air that can not be eaten

(12) But theseH2088are they of whichH834 ye shall notH3808 eat:H398 the eagle,H5404 and the ossifrage,H6538 and the ospray,H5822

(13) And the glede,H7201 and the kite,H344 and the vultureH1772 after his kind,H4327

(14) And everyH3605 ravenH6158 after his kind,H4327

(15) And the owl,H1323 H3284 and the night hawk,H8464 and the cuckow,H7828 and the hawkH5322 after his kind,H4327

(16)(H853) The little owl,H3563 and the great owl,H3244 and the swan,H8580

(17) And the pelican,H6893 and the gier eagle,H7360 and the cormorant,H7994

(18) And the stork,H2624 and the heronH601 after her kind,H4327 and the lapwing,H1744 and the bat.H5847

(19) And everyH3605 creeping thingH8318 that fliethH5775is uncleanH2931 unto you: they shall notH3808 be eaten.H398

(20)But of allH3605 cleanH2889 fowlsH5775 ye may eat.H398

(21) Ye shall notH3808 eatH398of anyH3605 thing that dieth of itself:H5038 thou shalt giveH5414 it unto the strangerH1616 thatH834is in thy gates,H8179 that he may eatH398 it; orH176 thou mayest sellH4376 it unto an alien:H5237 forH3588 thouH859art an holyH6918 peopleH5971 unto the LORDH3068 thy God.H430 Thou shalt notH3808 seetheH1310 a kidH1423 in his mother’sH517 milk.H2461

The rule on what animals that are in the waters that can be eaten are summarized in this verse. The two characteristics are 1. it must have fins; 2. it must have scales. If either one of these two characteristics are lacking then the animal is unclean and not to be eaten.

  • (Leviticus 11:9 KJV+)(H853) TheseH2088 shall ye eatH398 of allH4480 H3605 thatH834are in the waters:H4325 whatsoeverH3605 H834 hath finsH5579 and scalesH7193 in the waters,H4325 in the seas,H3220 and in the rivers,H5158 them shall ye eat.H398

(Leviticus 11:10 KJV+) And allH3605 thatH834 have notH369 finsH5579 and scalesH7193 in the seas,H3220 and in the rivers,H5158 of allH4480 H3605 that moveH8318 in the waters,H4325 and of anyH4480 H3605 livingH2416 thingH5315 whichH834is in the waters,H4325 theyH1992shall be an abominationH8263 unto you:

(Leviticus 11:11 KJV+) They shall beH1961 even an abominationH8263 unto you; ye shall notH3808 eatH398 of their flesh,H4480 H1320 but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.H8262 (H853) H5038

(Leviticus 11:12 KJV+) WhatsoeverH3605 H834 hath noH369 finsH5579 nor scalesH7193 in the waters,H4325 thatH1931shall be an abominationH8263 unto you.

The flying beasts that are prohibited

(Leviticus 11:13 KJV+) And theseH428are they which ye shall have in abominationH8262 amongH4480 the fowls;H5775 they shall notH3808 be eaten,H398 theyH1992are an abomination:H8263 (H853) the eagle,H5404 and the ossifrage,H6538 and the ospray,H5822

(Leviticus 11:14 KJV+) And the vulture,H1676 and the kiteH344 after his kind;H4327

(Leviticus 11:15 KJV+)(H853) EveryH3605 ravenH6158 after his kind;H4327

(Leviticus 11:16 KJV+) And the owl,H1323 H3284 and the night hawk,H8464 and the cuckow,H7828 and the hawkH5322 after his kind,H4327

(Leviticus 11:17 KJV+) And the little owl,H3563 and the cormorant,H7994 and the great owl,H3244

(Leviticus 11:18 KJV+) And the swan,H8580 and the pelican,H6893 and the gier eagle,H7360

(Leviticus 11:19 KJV+) And the stork,H2624 the heronH601 after her kind,H4327 and the lapwing,H1744 and the bat.H5847

(Leviticus 11:20 KJV+) AllH3605 fowlsH5775 that creep,H8318 goingH1980 uponH5921all four,H702shall be an abominationH8263 unto you.

Now the birds that we are permitted to eat

(Leviticus 11:21 KJV+) YetH389 (H853) theseH2088 may ye eatH398 of everyH4480 H3605 flyingH5775 creeping thingH8318 that goethH1980 uponH5921all four,H702 whichH834 have legsH3767 aboveH4480 H4605 their feet,H7272 to leapH5425 withalH2004 uponH5921 the earth;H776

So the question arises which of the birds leap upon the earth The chicken, the turkey, and the like.

For example: the duck does not leap upon the earth, it waddles on the ground, thus is unclean.

Although the eagle leaps there is a prohibition against it, as with many other flying animals.

It appears to me that the prohibited creatures of the air have one thing in common: They are scavengers and are part of the clean up department of the Creation.

Bugs on the land

The bugs that are permitted to be eaten like the locust and the grasshopper.

(Leviticus 11:22 KJV+)Even(H853) theseH428 ofH4480 them ye may eat;H398 (H853) the locustH697 after his kind,H4327 and the bald locustH5556 after his kind,H4327 and the beetleH2728 after his kind,H4327 and the grasshopperH2284 after his kind.H4327

(Leviticus 11:23 KJV+) But allH3605other flyingH5775 creeping things,H8318 whichH834 have fourH702 feet,H7272shall be an abominationH8263 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:24 KJV+) And for theseH428 ye shall be unclean:H2930 whosoeverH3605 touchethH5060 the carcaseH5038 of them shall be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:25 KJV+) And whosoeverH3605 bearethH5375ought of the carcaseH4480 H5038 of them shall washH3526 his clothes,H899 and be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:26 KJV+)The carcases of everyH3605 beastH929 whichH834 dividethH6536 the hoof,H6541 and is notH369 clovenfooted,H8156 H8157 norH369 chewethH5927 the cud,H1625are uncleanH2931 unto you: every oneH3605 that touchethH5060 them shall be unclean.H2930

(Leviticus 11:27 KJV+) And whatsoeverH3605 goethH1980 uponH5921 his paws,H3709 among all mannerH3605 of beastsH2416 that goH1980 onH5921all four,H702 thoseH1992areuncleanH2931 unto you: whosoH3605 touchethH5060 their carcaseH5038 shall be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:28 KJV+) And he that bearethH5375 (H853) the carcaseH5038 of them shall washH3526 his clothes,H899 and be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even:H6153 theyH1992are uncleanH2931 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:29 KJV+) TheseH2088 also shall be uncleanH2931 unto you among the creeping thingsH8318 that creepH8317 uponH5921 the earth;H776 the weasel,H2467 and the mouse,H5909 and the tortoiseH6632 after his kind,H4327

(Leviticus 11:30 KJV+) And the ferret,H604 and the chameleon,H3581 and the lizard,H3911 and the snail,H2546 and the mole.H8580

(Leviticus 11:31 KJV+) TheseH428are uncleanH2931 to you among allH3605 that creep:H8318 whosoeverH3605 doth touchH5060 them, when they be dead,H4194 shall be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:32 KJV+) And uponH5921 whatsoeverH3605 H834any ofH4480 them, when they are dead,H4194 doth fall,H5307 it shall be unclean;H2930 whether it be anyH4480 H3605 vesselH3627 of wood,H6086 orH176 raiment,H899 orH176 skin,H5785 orH176 sack,H8242 whatsoeverH3605 vesselH3627it be, whereinH834any workH4399 is done,H6213 it must be putH935 into water,H4325 and it shall be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even;H6153 so it shall be cleansed.H2891

(Leviticus 11:33 KJV+) And everyH3605 earthenH2789 vessel,H3627 whereintoH834 H413 H8432any ofH4480 them falleth,H5307 whatsoeverH3605 H834is inH8432 it shall be unclean;H2930 and ye shall breakH7665 it.

(Leviticus 11:34 KJV+) Of allH4480 H3605 meatH400 whichH834 may be eaten,H398that onH5921 whichH834such waterH4325 comethH935 shall be unclean:H2930 and allH3605 drinkH4945 thatH834 may be drunkH8354 in everyH3605such vesselH3627 shall be unclean.H2930

(Leviticus 11:35 KJV+) And everyH3605thing whereuponH834 H5921any part of their carcaseH4480 H5038 fallethH5307 shall be unclean;H2930whether it be oven,H8574 or ranges for pots,H3600 they shall be broken down:H5422for theyH1992are unclean,H2931 and shall beH1961 uncleanH2931 unto you.

The Water fountain/Water well, or water source is Clean
  • This little precept shows the wisdom of God. The water source is considered to be clean. Like a flowing water source or a lake or a stream or a spring.

  • (Leviticus 11:36 KJV+) NeverthelessH389 a fountainH4599 or pit,H953wherein there is plentyH4723 of water,H4325 shall beH1961 clean:H2889 but that which touchethH5060 their carcaseH5038 shall be unclean.H2930

(Leviticus 11:37 KJV+) And ifH3588any part ofH4480 their carcaseH5038 fallH5307 uponH5921 anyH3605 sowingH2221 seedH2233 whichH834 is to be sown,H2232 itH1931shall be clean.H2889

(Leviticus 11:38 KJV+) But ifH3588any waterH4325 be putH5414 uponH5921 the seed,H2233 and any part of their carcaseH4480 H5038 fallH5307 thereon,H5921 itH1931shall be uncleanH2931 unto you.

(Leviticus 11:39 KJV+) And ifH3588 any beast,H929 ofH4480 whichH834 ye may eat,H402 die;H4191 he that touchethH5060 the carcaseH5038 thereof shall be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:40 KJV+) And he that eatethH398 of the carcaseH4480 H5038 of it shall washH3526 his clothes,H899 and be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even:H6153 he also that bearethH5375 (H853) the carcaseH5038 of it shall washH3526 his clothes,H899 and be uncleanH2930 untilH5704 the even.H6153

(Leviticus 11:41 KJV+) And everyH3605 creeping thingH8318 that creepethH8317 uponH5921 the earthH776shall be an abomination;H8263 it shall notH3808 be eaten.H398

(Leviticus 11:42 KJV+) WhatsoeverH3605 goethH1980 uponH5921 the belly,H1512 and whatsoeverH3605 goethH1980 uponH5921all four,H702 or whatsoeverH3605 hath moreH7235 feetH7272 among allH3605 creeping thingsH8318 that creepH8317 uponH5921 the earth,H776 them ye shall notH3808 eat;H398 forH3588 theyH1992are an abomination.H8263

(Leviticus 11:43 KJV+) Ye shall notH408 make yourselves abominableH8262 (H853) H5315 with anyH3605 creeping thingH8318 that creepeth,H8317 neitherH3808 shall ye make yourselves uncleanH2930 with them, that ye should be defiledH2930 thereby.

(Leviticus 11:44 KJV+) ForH3588 IH589am the LORDH3068 your God:H430 ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves,H6942 and ye shall beH1961 holy;H6918 forH3588 IH589am holy:H6918 neitherH3808 shall ye defileH2930 (H853) yourselvesH5315 with any mannerH3605 of creeping thingH8318 that creepethH7430 uponH5921 the earth.H776

(Leviticus 11:45 KJV+) ForH3588 IH589am the LORDH3068 that bringeth you upH5927 (H853) out of the landH4480 H776 of Egypt,H4714 to beH1961 your God:H430 ye shall therefore beH1961 holy,H6918 forH3588 IH589am holy.H6918

(Leviticus 11:46 KJV+) ThisH2063is the lawH8451 of the beasts,H929 and of the fowl,H5775 and of everyH3605 livingH2416 creatureH5315 that movethH7430 in the waters,H4325 and of everyH3605 creatureH5315 that creepethH8317 uponH5921 the earth:H776

(Leviticus 11:47 KJV+) To make a differenceH914 betweenH996 the uncleanH2931 and the clean,H2889 and betweenH996 the beastH2416 that may be eatenH398 and the beastH2416 thatH834 may notH3808 be eaten.H398

Gentiles are only required to these statutes I have heard from others. Does that mean that pork/swine is now permitted? I don’t think so because the bad health that results from eating such seems to me to be a penalty of sorts.

(Acts 15:20 KJV+) ButG235 that we writeG1989 unto them,G846 that they abstainG567 fromG575 pollutionsG234 of idols,G1497 andG2532from fornication,G4202 andG2532from things strangled,G4156 andG2532from blood.G129

(Acts 15:29 KJV+) That ye abstainG567 from meats offered to idols,G1494 andG2532 from blood,G129 andG2532 from things strangled,G4156 andG2532 from fornication:G4202 fromG1537 whichG3739 if ye keepG1301 yourselves,G1438 ye shall doG4238 well.G2095 Fare ye well.G4517

(Acts 21:25 KJV+)(G1161) As touchingG4012 theG3588 GentilesG1484 which believe,G4100 weG2249 have writtenG1989and concludedG2919 that theyG846 observeG5083 noG3367 such thing,G5108 saveG1508 only that they keepG5442 themselvesG846 from(G5037)things offered to idols,G1494 andG2532 from blood,G129 andG2532 from strangled,G4156 andG2532 from fornication.G4202

New Testament flawed argument

The New Testament argument that there are no food restrictions now that Christ has arrived are often based upon this vision of Peter. It is inaccurate and not supportable by Scripture.

The first issue I want to address is the common sentiment that there is no more restrictions on what a follower of the Messiah can eat. The most common misconception of this occurs because of a misunderstanding of the vision of Peter when he sees the sheet descending from heaven containing all sorts of animals and the voice from heaven saying> Rise Peter, Kill and eat> and Peter says No so, no unclean thing have I eaten.

If the food law had truly been done away with, Peter would have known about it. Would a disciple of Jesus not have known about a repealed law? I would think Peter would have been fully aware of it. Peter would have had to be very confident to refuse an instruction by God himself to “Kill and eat” the unclean animals in the sheet. Peter refused three (3) times to obey a direct command to “Kill, and eat”. Later in the story we learn that the dream is not about food at all but about preaching to the Gentiles the Word of God.

The incident is contained here:

Acts 10:9-20 KJV+

(9) On(G1161) theG3588 morrow,G1887 as theyG1565 went on their journey,G3596 andG2532 drew nighG1448 unto theG3588 city,G4172 PeterG4074 went upG305 uponG1909 theG3588 housetopG1430 to prayG4336 aboutG4012 the sixthG1623 hour:G5610

(10) AndG1161 he becameG1096 very hungry,G4361 andG2532 wouldG2309 have eaten:G1089 butG1161 while theyG1565 made ready,G3903 he fellG1968 intoG1909 a(G846) trance,G1611

(11) AndG2532 sawG2334 heavenG3772 opened,G455 andG2532 a certainG5100 vesselG4632 descendingG2597 untoG1909 him,G846 as it had beenG5613 a greatG3173 sheetG3607 knitG1210 at the fourG5064 corners,G746 andG2532 let downG2524 toG1909 theG3588 earth:G1093

(12) WhereinG1722 G3739 wereG5225 all mannerG3956 of fourfooted beastsG5074 of theG3588 earth,G1093 andG2532 wild beasts,G2342 andG2532 creeping things,G2062 andG2532 fowlsG4071 of theG3588 air.G3772

(13) AndG2532 there cameG1096 a voiceG5456 toG4314 him,G846 Rise,G450 Peter;G4074 kill,G2380 andG2532 eat.G5315

(14) ButG1161 PeterG4074 said,G2036 Not so,G3365 Lord;G2962 forG3754 I have neverG3763 eatenG5315 any thingG3956 that is commonG2839 orG2228 unclean.G169

(15) AndG2532 the voiceG5456spake untoG4314 himG846 againG3825 the(G1537) second time,G1208 WhatG3739 GodG2316 hath cleansed,G2511that call not thou common.G2840 G3361 G4771

(16)(G1161) ThisG5124 wasG1096 done(G1909) thrice:G5151 andG2532 theG3588 vesselG4632 was received upG353 againG3825 intoG1519 heaven.G3772

(17) NowG1161 whileG5613 PeterG4074 doubtedG1280 inG1722 himselfG1438 whatG5101 this visionG3705 whichG3739 he had seenG1492 should mean,G1498 G302(G2532) behold,G2400 theG3588 menG435 which were sentG649 fromG575 CorneliusG2883 had made enquiryG1331 for Simon’sG4613 house,G3614 and stoodG2186 beforeG1909 theG3588 gate,G4440

(18) AndG2532 called,G5455 and askedG4441 whetherG1487 Simon,G4613 which was surnamedG1941 Peter,G4074 were lodgedG3579 there.G1759

(19) WhileG1161 PeterG4074 thoughtG1760 onG4012 theG3588 vision,G3705 theG3588 SpiritG4151 saidG2036 unto him,G846 Behold,G2400 threeG5140 menG435 seekG2212 thee.G4571

(20) AriseG450 therefore,G235 and get thee down,G2597 andG2532 goG4198 withG4862 them,G846 doubtingG1252 nothing:G3367 forG1360 IG1473 have sentG649 them.G846

Law about poisoning your body with toxins such as vaccines and Excito-neuro-toxins such as MSG and Aspartame

The Blaylock Reports

The Blaylock reports may be helpful in understanding this topic because many people are unaware of the toxic food additives that are routinely added to the commercial food supply. If interested, please request information on a specific topic because the library is quite large.


What is fasting and who and why should anyone do a fast.

A fast is a time then an individual does not eat food voluntarily denying the body food. You will determine for yourself how to do this. I can not speak for you, I fast with water and a splash of raw apple cider vinegar.


What does the Scripture say about fasting?

  • Seeking God appears to require fasting.

  • When a man wants to know more of God he must put aside the carnal needs and gratifications such as food, and he must seek diligently for God in prayer.

(Joel 2:12 KJV+) Therefore alsoH1571 now,H6258 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 turnH7725 ye even toH5704 me with allH3605 your heart,H3824 and with fasting,H6685 and with weeping,H1065 and with mourning:H4553

(Daniel 9:3 KJV+) And I setH5414 (H853) my faceH6440 untoH413 the LordH136 God,H430 to seekH1245 by prayerH8605 and supplications,H8469 with fasting,H6685 and sackcloth,H8242 and ashes:H665

When we acknowledge our sin and confess God’s righteousness and make supplication to Him, God honors that and sends us what we seek.

The second requirement may be that one confesses sin to God. Confession is acknowledgment that He is right in his judgment. Sin/iniquity is transgression of the law. He is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 KJV+

(9) IfG1437 we confessG3670 ourG2257 sins,G266 he isG2076 faithfulG4103 andG2532 justG1342 toG2443 forgiveG863 usG2254our sins,G266 andG2532 to cleanseG2511 usG2248 fromG575 allG3956 unrighteousness.G93

Examples of Fasting in Scripture

(Daniel 9:4 KJV+) And I prayedH6419 unto the LORDH3068 my God,H430 and made my confession,H3034 and said,H559 OH577 Lord,H136 the greatH1419 and dreadfulH3372 God,H410 keepingH8104 the covenantH1285 and mercyH2617 to them that loveH157 him, and to them that keepH8104 his commandments;H4687

(Daniel 9:5 KJV+) We have sinned,H2398 and have committed iniquity,H5753 and have done wickedly,H7561 and have rebelled,H4775 even by departingH5493 from thy preceptsH4480 H4687 and from thy judgments:H4480 H4941

(Daniel 9:6 KJV+) NeitherH3808 have we hearkenedH8085 untoH413 thy servantsH5650 the prophets,H5030 whichH834 spakeH1696 in thy nameH8034 toH413 our kings,H4428 our princes,H8269 and our fathers,H1 and toH413 allH3605 the peopleH5971 of the land.H776

  • Then Daniel 9:7 acknowledges that there is a penalty for sin. The penalty is alienation from God.

(Daniel 9:7 KJV+) O Lord,H136 righteousnessH6666belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusionH1322 of faces,H6440 as at thisH2088 day;H3117 to the menH376 of Judah,H3063 and to the inhabitantsH3427 of Jerusalem,H3389 and unto allH3605 Israel,H3478that are near,H7138 and that are far off,H7350 through allH3605 the countriesH776 whitherH834 H8033 thou hast drivenH5080 them, because of their trespassH4604 thatH834 they have trespassedH4603 against thee.

Daniel 9:19-23 KJV+ O Lord,H136 hear;H8085 O Lord,H136 forgive;H5545 O Lord,H136 hearkenH7181 and do;H6213 deferH309 not,H408 for thine own sake,H4616 O my God:H430 forH3588 thy cityH5892 and thy peopleH5971 are calledH7121 by thy name.H8034(20) And whilesH5750 IH589was speaking,H1696 and praying,H6419 and confessingH3034 my sinH2403 and the sinH2403 of my peopleH5971 Israel,H3478 and presentingH5307 my supplicationH8467 beforeH6440 the LORDH3068 my GodH430 forH5921 the holyH6944 mountainH2022 of my God;H430(21) Yea, whilesH5750 IH589was speakingH1696 in prayer,H8605 even the manH376 Gabriel,H1403 whomH834 I had seenH7200 in the visionH2377 at the beginning,H8462 being caused to flyH3286 swiftly,H3288 touchedH5060 H413 me about the timeH6256 of the eveningH6153 oblation.H4503(22) And he informedH995me, and talkedH1696 withH5973 me, and said,H559 O Daniel,H1840 I am nowH6258 come forthH3318 to give thee skillH7919 and understanding.H998(23) At the beginningH8462 of thy supplicationsH8469 the commandmentH1697 came forth,H3318 and IH589 am comeH935 to shewH5046thee; forH3588 thouH859art greatly beloved:H2530 therefore understandH995 the matter,H1697 and considerH995 the vision.H4758



(Nehemiah 9:1 KJV+) Now in the twentyH6242 and fourthH702 dayH3117 of thisH2088 monthH2320 the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 were assembledH622 with fasting,H6685 and with sackclothes,H8242 and earthH127 uponH5921 them.

(Esther 4:3 KJV+) And in everyH3605 province,H4082 H4082 whithersoeverH4725 H834 the king’sH4428 commandmentH1697 and his decreeH1881 came,H5060there was greatH1419 mourningH60 among the Jews,H3064 and fasting,H6685 and weeping,H1065 and wailing;H4553 and manyH7227 layH3331 in sackclothH8242 and ashes.H665

(Psalms 35:13 KJV+) But as for me,H589 when they were sick,H2470 my clothingH3830was sackcloth:H8242 I humbledH6031 my soulH5315 with fasting;H6685 and my prayerH8605 returnedH7725 intoH5921 mine own bosom.H2436

(Psalms 69:10 KJV+) When I wept,H1058and chastened my soulH5315 with fasting,H6685 that wasH1961 to my reproach.H2781

(Psalms 109:24 KJV+) My kneesH1290 are weakH3782 through fasting;H4480 H6685 and my fleshH1320 failethH3584 of fatness.H4480 H8081

(Jeremiah 36:6 KJV+) Therefore goH935 thou,H859 and readH7121 in the roll,H4039 whichH834 thou hast writtenH3789 from my mouth,H4480 H6310 (H853) the wordsH1697 of the LORDH3068 in the earsH241 of the peopleH5971 in the LORD’SH3068 houseH1004 upon the fastingH6685 day:H3117 and alsoH1571 thou shalt readH7121 them in the earsH241 of allH3605 JudahH3063 that comeH935 out of their cities.H4480 H5892

(Daniel 6:18 KJV+) ThenH116 the kingH4430 wentH236 to his palace,H1965 and passed the nightH956 fasting:H2908 neitherH3809 were instruments of musickH1761 broughtH5954 beforeH6925 him: and his sleepH8139 wentH5075 fromH5922 him.

(Daniel 9:3 KJV+) And I setH5414 (H853) my faceH6440 untoH413 the LordH136 God,H430 to seekH1245 by prayerH8605 and supplications,H8469 with fasting,H6685 and sackcloth,H8242 and ashes:H665

(Joel 2:12 KJV+) Therefore alsoH1571 now,H6258 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 turnH7725 ye even toH5704 me with allH3605 your heart,H3824 and with fasting,H6685 and with weeping,H1065 and with mourning:H4553

(Matthew 15:32 KJV+) ThenG1161 JesusG2424 calledG4341 hisG848 disciplesG3101unto him, and said,G2036I have compassionG4697onG1909theG3588multitude,G3793becauseG3754they continue withG4357meG3427nowG2235threeG5140days,G2250andG2532haveG2192nothingG5101 G3756to eat:G5315andG2532I willG2309notG3756send them awayG630 G846fasting,G3523lestG3379they faintG1590inG1722theG3588way.G3598

(Matthew 17:21 KJV+)HowbeitG1161thisG5124kindG1085goeth not outG1607 G3756butG1508byG1722prayerG4335andG2532fasting.G3521

(Mark 8:3 KJV+)AndG2532ifG1437I send them awayG630 G846fastingG3523toG1519their ownG848houses,G3624they will faintG1590byG1722theG3588way:G3598forG1063diversG5100of themG846cameG2240from far.G3113

(Mark 9:29 KJV+) AndG2532 he saidG2036 unto them,G846ThisG5124kindG1085canG1410come forthG1831byG1722nothing,G3762butG1508byG1722prayerG4335andG2532fasting.G3521

(Acts 10:30 KJV+) AndG2532 CorneliusG2883 said,G5346 FourG5067 daysG2250 agoG575 I wasG2252 fastingG3522 untilG3360 thisG5026 hour;G5610 andG2532 at theG3588 ninthG1766 hourG5610 I prayedG4336 inG1722 myG3450 house,G3624 and,G2532 behold,G2400 a manG435 stoodG2476 beforeG1799 meG3450 inG1722 brightG2986 clothing,G2066

(Acts 14:23 KJV+) AndG1161 when they had ordainedG5500 themG846 eldersG4245 in every church,G2596 G1577 and had prayedG4336 withG3326 fasting,G3521 they commendedG3908 themG846 to theG3588 Lord,G2962 onG1519 whomG3739 they believed.G4100

(Acts 27:33 KJV+) AndG1161 whileG891 G3739 the dayG2250 wasG3195 coming on,G1096 PaulG3972 besoughtG3870them allG537 to takeG3335 meat,G5160 saying,G3004 This dayG4594 is the fourteenthG5065 dayG2250 that ye have tarriedG4328 and continuedG1300 fasting,G777 having takenG4355 nothing.G3367

(1 Corinthians 7:5 KJV+) DefraudG650 ye notG3361 one the other,G240 exceptG1509 G302it be withG1537 consentG4859 forG4314 a time,G2540 thatG2443 ye may give yourselvesG4980 to fastingG3521 andG2532 prayer;G4335 andG2532 come togetherG4905 again,G3825 thatG2443 SatanG4567 temptG3985 youG5209 notG3361 forG1223 yourG5216 incontinency.G192

(Acts 15:20 KJV+) ButG235 that we writeG1989 unto them,G846 that they abstainG567 fromG575 pollutionsG234 of idols,G1497 andG2532from fornication,G4202 andG2532from things strangled,G4156 andG2532from blood.G129

(Acts 15:29 KJV+) That ye abstainG567 from meats offered to idols,G1494 andG2532 from blood,G129 andG2532 from things strangled,G4156 andG2532 from fornication:G4202 fromG1537 whichG3739 if ye keepG1301 yourselves,G1438 ye shall doG4238 well.G2095 Fare ye well.G4517

(Acts 21:25 KJV+)(G1161) As touchingG4012 theG3588 GentilesG1484 which believe,G4100 weG2249 have writtenG1989and concludedG2919 that theyG846 observeG5083 noG3367 such thing,G5108 saveG1508 only that they keepG5442 themselvesG846 from(G5037)things offered to idols,G1494 andG2532 from blood,G129 andG2532 from strangled,G4156 andG2532 from fornication.G4202

Unjust Weights and Measures


(Leviticus 19:36 KJV+) JustH6664 balances,H3976 justH6664 weights,H68 a justH6664 ephah,H374 and a justH6664 hin,H1969 shall ye have:H1961 IH589am the LORDH3068 your God,H430 whichH834 brought you outH3318 (H853) of the landH4480 H776 of Egypt.H4714

(Deuteronomy 25:13 KJV+) Thou shalt notH3808 haveH1961 in thy bagH3599 divers weights,H68 H68 a greatH1419 and a small.H6996

(Proverbs 16:11 KJV+) A justH4941 weightH6425 and balanceH3976are the LORD’S:H3068 allH3605 the weightsH68 of the bagH3599are his work.H4639

(Proverbs 20:10 KJV+) Divers weights,H68 H68and divers measures,H374 H374 bothH8147 of them are alikeH1571 abominationH8441 to the LORD.H3068

(Proverbs 20:23 KJV+) Divers weightsH68 H68are an abominationH8441 unto the LORD;H3068 and a falseH4820 balanceH3976is notH3808 good.H2896

(Micah 6:11 KJV+) Shall I count them pureH2135 with the wickedH7562 balances,H3976 and with the bagH3599 of deceitfulH4820 weights?H68

The following is a cut and paste from the following website

What can we do?

Start using gold, silver, and other forms of money. I know that sounds extremely hard, because it is. You will probably be going at it alone (the more people that refuse to use these unjust weights and measures, the easier it is). If you own a business, start accepting gold and silver coins/medallions/bars as trade. If you do private work for someone, or own rental property, accept gold and silver as trade. If you believe that your product is superior to anyone else, you can require gold and silver as payment. By the way, when you collect a $50 gold American Eagle coin for your services, you now have the purchasing power of $1100 in Federal Reserve Notes. But the amount that is reported as income on your IRS forms (if you report any) is $50.

this is my article on this below

The advantages of using gold and silver as payment:

Let us say you bought your house for $100,000 (FRNs) and then 20 years later you sold it for $200,000 (FRNs). Many (including the IRS) would say that you made a $100,000 profit when actually you lost money. You see, over the last 20 years, you probably spent about $50,000 in maintenance cost. That puts your total money invested to about $150,000. But in the last 20 years, the dollar’s value decreased by half. So even if you didn’t put any maintenance into it (and the house miraculously stayed in the same condition as the day you bought it), you would only have broken even because of inflation.

Instead of selling the house for $220,000 (FRNs) you decided to trade it for $10,000 in US gold coin (A $50 gold coin minted by the US mint contains one ounce of gold. At $1100 an ounce that would be $220,000). Then you can actually right your house off as a loss!

Another reason we should stop using Federal Reserve notes is that we must keep other avenues of money open for trade. When the mark of the beast comes full force, it is going to be hard for people to trade any other way but by using the mark. I hear many Christians say, “I won’t take that mark”. Well, Satan has been a little smarter than most Christians. He is slowly implementing the mark. Like a fisherman, Satan is getting people to swallow the whole bait (mark) just a little at a time (Social Security number, Federal Reserve Notes, National I.D. card) until one day we will wake up in his boat. (On a side note, there is no real difference from a national I.D. card and a microchip implanted in your hand with the same information)

Two good articles about what is a dollar


Luke 10:8-11

(Luke 10:8 KJV+)AndG2532intoG1519(G1161)whatsoeverG3739 G302cityG4172ye enter,G1525andG2532they receiveG1209you,G5209eatG2068such things as are set beforeG3908you:G5213

(Luke 10:9 KJV+)AndG2532healG2323theG3588sickG772that are therein,G1722 G846andG2532sayG3004unto them,G846TheG3588kingdomG932of GodG2316is come nighG1448untoG1909you.G5209

(Luke 10:10 KJV+)ButG1161intoG1519(G1161)whatsoeverG3739 G302cityG4172ye enter,G1525andG2532they receiveG1209youG5209not,G3361go your ways outG1831intoG1519theG3588streetsG4113of the same,G846and say,G2036

(Luke 10:11 KJV+)EvenG2532theG3588very dustG2868ofG1537yourG5216city,G4172which cleavethG2853on us,G2254we do wipe offG631against you:G5213notwithstandingG4133be ye sureG1097of this,G5124thatG3754theG3588kingdomG932of GodG2316is come nighG1448untoG1909you.G5209

I like this link  I have not fully read it but so far it seems to apply here on the food issue. thank you for reading.

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