Another Guest article: Define a “dollar”. Real money verse a debt based money.

Can You Define ‘Dollar’ Please?

As time goes on, and “society” falls further and further into captivity under the heathen, the “majority” continue to willingly accept the debasement by the heathen of that which was at one time, lawful money. That debased “money” is still referred to as “dollars.” But are they, in truth, dollars?When we examine what “dollar” means (the definition of which still applies today), we find that the heathen have a problem when confronted with the truth:


Dollar. n. 1. Orig. the German thaler; hence, any of the various large silver coins resembling it. 3. A United States coin, which since 1837 has been made of 412.5 grains of silver .900 fine. Except for the design it is nearly identical with the old Spanish dollar. It was first issued in 1794.” Webster’s New International Dictionary, (1935), page 658.

There are no statutes that have changed the original definition of a “dollar.” Thus, “the law’s” modern circular definition:


Dollar. The money unit of the United States of the value of 100 cents, or any combination of coins totaling 100 cents.” Black’s Law Dictionary, (6th Ed., 1990), page 483. Cent. A coin of the United States, the least in value of those now minted. It is the hundredth part of a dollar.” Black’s Law Dictionary, (6th Ed., 1990), page 224.

If someone gave you a receipt for 10 quarts, what would be your first question? Would it not be, “10 quarts of what?” Quarts is a unit of measurment, like dollars are a unit of measurment. Therefore, when someone demands that you pay 10 dollars, we should enquire, “10 dollars of what?” Or, we should at least ask them to define the term “dollars.”

Our Father is the God of Righteousness, not unrighteousness. Hence, Michael Eugene’s diligent inquiry into the whole matter:



The following is a testimony I give, not to glorify or receive glory upon myself, but to honor and acknowledge the glory of our Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.A few years ago, upon awakening and accepting the Holy Scriptures as Truth and the infallible Word of God, the Lord has led me to the knowledge and understanding of how “the system” works, and how it’s set up and based on lies and deceit. One of the deceits is the use of “federal reserve notes.” Their own writings say that the federal reserve note is worthless, being backed only by “the faith and credit of the American people” (from the Federal Reserve pamphlet, The Fractional Reserve System).

So upon finding out about this, and after reading what the Word says about separating myself, I changed my mode of conduct. When I would go to market, and was asked to pay a certain amount in “dollars,” I would raise the issue of “dollars” with them and say, “I don’t have any dollars, but I do have federal reserve notes.” They would usually ask, “What the heck are those?” Then I would show them a federal reserve note and ask them, “Will you accept these as a fair and righteous payment?” They would agree.

Time passed. I had received a notice of registration for the so-called vehicle and to pay the taxes upon it. I was led by the Spirit to go to the Frontier County courthouse, and took with me the piece of paper that claimed I owed THE STATE OF NEBRASKA “a fee,” and also “a fee” for the vehicle “license plates,” so-called. I approached the desk of the treasurer, and a lady came up to the window. The conversation went as follows:


Treasurer: Oh, you’re here to renew your tags and taxes!
Michael: Well, first of all, I have a few issues to raise.Treasurer: Okay, what are they?
Michael: First of all, the name on this piece of paper is spelled in all capital letters, and that isn’t how my name is spelled. Therefore, this isn’t my name.

Treasurer: Do you still want to get your tags and pay your taxes?
Michael: Well, I have another issue to raise before we can go forward.

Treasurer: Okay, what is the next issue?
Michael: On this piece of paper is printed a tax fee of “5.00” and a registration fee of “20.00,” for a total fee of “25.00.” What is that? (There was no dollar signs, or anything to indicate what I was supposed to pay or owe).


Treasurer: Oh, those are dollars!
Michael: Well I would be more than willing to pay this, because that is why I’m here. If you say I owe you something, then I must render to you a fair and righteous payment. Can you please define what a “dollar” is? (Knowing that federal reserve notes are not dollars and cannot extinguish a debt ).

Treasurer: I will not play this game.
Michael: I assure you I’m not here to play a game.

Treasurer: If you want these things, then you’ll have to pay us in dollars.
Michael: Well, I’m here to pay. But until you define what you are asking for, there is no way that I can make payment. How can I pay you if you don’t define what you’re asking me to pay you?

Treasurer: You are harassing me. I’m going to call the sheriff.
Michael: Okay, call the Sheriff, if that’s what you’re led to do. But I’m here in peace; I’m not here to antagonize anybody. You say I owe you something in order for me to get these things, and if I am to pay you then you must define what it is I owe you.

Treasurer: (Looking at the phone, then looking at me, then looking at the phone, then looking at me). Well, if you want these things you’ll have to pay us in dollars.
Michael: Well, until you define what a dollar is, I cannot pay. So, I guess these tags are yours.


So I left the tags with her.

I had a “drivers license,” but since coming to the Truth that if I am to live, move, and have my being in Christ Jesus, I then could no longer have such things because it would attach me to something outside of Him—something unclean. So I went to the Sheriff’s house and witnessed to him what had happened at the courthouse, and laid the driver’s license at his feet.

After several months, being led by the Spirit, I went to the next county over, Gosper County. When I arrived, their Sheriff was on the courthouse lawn. I explained to him what transpired in the next county over, and told him that if he would like to go into the treasurer’s office, and if she would define what a dollar is, then I would be more than happy to acquire the things they said I needed. He said that would not be necessary.

Almost a year had passed without incident, even though the “powers that be” knew I didn’t have all of their fictions of idolatry. Then Frontier County must have had a lot of pressure bearing down on them from “good citizens” concerning the fact that I did not have a license or registration. So I was arrested one evening and taken to jail. They tried to talk me into paying bail, and bonding myself out of jail. I asked them what it is they need for me to bond myself out of jail, and they told me “dollars.” And I explained to them that if they would define dollars, I would be more than happy to pay you dollars. And they kind of jokingly laughed and they said, “Oh, this is dollars,” and they pulled out federal reserve notes. And I explained to them that right at the top of it it says, “Federal Reserve Note,” and a note is only a promise to pay, and I cannot pay you with those because I would still be oweing you something that you are demanding.

Some friends who were worried about me came and produced the so-called “bail money.” I made several mistakes such as signing the release form (which I know not to do now), and that is why I’m giving a testimony to other brothers and sisters; so they will not make the same mistakes.

When I consented to be bailed, which I shouldn’t have done, I made a promise to appear in court. So, I decided to appear in court because, due to my ignorance, I gave a signature while in vinculus that sealed my promise to appear. When the date came to appear in court, I kept the promise and appeared. During the court process, I had to suffer and go along with the questions, because I made a mistake by not standing in the Truth. Therefore, I was willing to take the punishment that was going to be prescribed to me.

Since I had already attested that I would be there as a defendant, the judge asked me several different questions. Towards the end of the questioning, the judge asked:


Court: How do you plead?
Michael: No contest.Court: Very well. For the charge of driving without a drivers license, the penalty is six months in jail and a 2500 dollar fine. For the charge of not having a registration, the penalty is six months in jail and a 2500 dollar fine. For the charge of driving without a license plate, the penalty is six months in jail and a 2500 dollar fine. (Looking at the prosecuting attorney) How say ye?
Prosecuting Attorney: Due to this being his first offense, your honor, we will reduce the penalty to time served and a 250 dollar fine.

Court: (The judge wrote on a piece of paper, and apparently moved all but 250 “dollars” into the same category as time served. Then, looking at me, he said) “Your fine is 250 dollars. Can you pay?”

(Before we continue with the transcript, I must explain to the readers that, during the time I was in jail, I was witnessing to the officers and jailers that I could not pay their dollars because nobody would define what a dollar is. When I was being released from jail, the Sheriff, in front of his deputies, swore to me that the judge would define what a dollar is. Therefore, I intended to respond to the judge by saying, “I would be more than happy to pay your fine if you would define dollars.” But I never got to finish my sentence):


Michael: Your honor, I would be more than happy to pay your fine if…
Prosecuting Attorney: YOUR HONOR!!! (The prosecuting attorney jumped up out of his chair and pointed at me) Due to this man’s religious beliefs, he does not know what dollars are. (To the best of my memory, I had never met or talked with this man before. I can only say that “the question” must have made all the “rounds,” considering the judge’s response): 

Court: Okay, we’ll take care of this. We’ll take the amount of time served and apply it to the amount of the fee. (The judge wrote on a piece of paper, and apparently moved the 250 dollars into the same category as the five days served). Case dismissed. You are free to go. (Looking at Deputy) Take him to the clerk to see if he has anything to sign.
Michael: Wait a minute. Did you not tell me that I was free to go?

Court: Oh, this is just preliminary.


So, I went with the deputy, who brought me to the clerk’s desk. After the clerk looked through the papers, he said:


Clerk: You have nothing to sign here, but there’s the matter of the bond that was paid for your release from jail.
Michael: I did not pay a bond, and therefore it is not mine to receive. If there was something paid, then you must find the fellow that paid it.Deputy: Due to this man’s religion, he does not know what dollars are” (he said this facetiously and sarcastically. This same deputy had said earlier during the booking process that he would be back the next day, saying, “I will take your fingerprints.” His threats and demands were never carried out).
Clerk: Okay. There’s nothing for you to sign then. Goodbye.

So I left the courthouse and have not heard from them since. They still have not defined for me what a “dollar” is!!

I do not give this account of my comings and goings to you for any malicious intent against police officers, the arresting officers, deputies, the prosecuting attorney, or the judge. My purpose is to shed light upon the deceit that has been brought to us under the Roman Civil law. I give this testimony to other brothers and sisters of like mind who are seeking the Kingdom of heaven, in order to help us rightly discern the Word of Truth and to stand in His righteousness.

I ask that this information be used in righteousness only, and not as a cloak of maliciousness.



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